Passport & VisaРоссия

Паспорт и Виза Россия

Documents to apply for a Russian visa

1. Passport (Pasport) valid for at least 6 months from the date the visa expires and at least two blank pages.

2. A visa form with 1 attached picture, size 3x4 cm.

3. Forms for Nationals American / British and Georgian.

4. 1 color photo size 3x4 cm with signature on the back.

5. Hotel reservations or tours from an approved Russian travel agency.

6. Letter or invitation letter from a company or agency in Russia. Issued by the Federal Government of Russia (original) (for business visa).

7. HIV test certificate for those who wish to stay more than 3 months (for business and student visas).

8. Flight tickets to and from Russia.

9. Travel insurance.

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