History, Language & Culture Сент Винсент и Гренадины

История, Язык и Культура Сент Винсент и Гренадины

Before the arrival of Europeans and Africans in the 16th century, various Amerindian groups passed through or settled on St. Vincent and the Grenadines, including the Ciboney, Arawak, and Carib people. These groups likely originated in the Orinoco Valley of South America and migrated north through Trinidad and the Lesser Antilles. By the time Christopher Columbus passed near St. Vincent on his third voyage in 1498, the Caribs occupied the island after displacing the Arawaks a few centuries earlier.


Music is one of the most enduring elements of Vincentian culture. Like many other Caribbean islands, styles such as calypso, soca, and reggae are hugely popular. In addition, traditional storytelling still has an important place in society. Also like other nearby islands, the people are predominantly of African descent, while indigenous and European elements are also seen.

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