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Tong sesame is a brand name. The Kingdom of Tonga is the nation's islands in the region, as well Polynesian located in the Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and Hawaii in the US by maritime boundary west to the country's feed Kyi. The eastern part is connected to the Cook Niue Islands andAmerican Samoa While the north is next to Wallis and Futuna Islands , Samoa and American Samoa, the name of the country in Tonga means South. Friendship Islands from Captain James Cook.


Tonga is a small country with an area of only 747 square kilometers. It is ranked 189 in the world islands Tong sesame consists of large and small islands about 169 islands, only 36 islands, only with the residents. The largest island is the island 's sesame spike, which is the location. The administrative center is Nuku'alofa. Most of Tonga are islands formed by coral overgrowth. The population of Tonga is 103,036. it ranks 193 in the world. It is assumed that mankind first came to Tonga in 826 ± 8 BC . Tonga began to establish his own empire in 950 AD, called the Tuitoga Empire. It was ruled by the Tui Tohgatu Ihaa Atacala Hua and Tuikano Kupolu dynasties. Later, the civil war broke out. In the end, the Tour's Gargano Expo Blue Stove Far Ah Hao got the win, so gathering territories founding. Polynesian Kingdom Tong sesame are just a few countries in the world can protect themselves from becoming colonies of the West In 2010, the country held ivory. General election This election was the first time the majority of members of Congress were elected by the people .

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