Italy Switzerland France Classic Europe 8 Days 5 Nights TATIT8326

Italy Switzerland France Classic Europe 8 Days 5 Nights TATIT8326

Приключение Пляжи и Солнце Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Обеденный Религия и Дух Free Day National Park Full Day 4 Stars Hotel Direct Flight Flower Field Farm No Shop Lake Museum
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Italy Switzerland France Classic Europe 8 Days 5 Nights TATIT8326

 Лацио, Италия
АвиалинияEtihad авиалиния
Период перемещения :
08 Май 2024 в 15 Май 2024 Period Other time
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  • Дата
    Suvarnabhumi International Airport

    06:00 p.m. together at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. International Departure Building, 4th floor, Gate 4, Etihad Airways airline counter, with company officials Welcoming and facilitating documents. Before boarding
    09:25 p.m. Take you to Milan, Italy by Etihad Airways flight EY409.

  • Дата
    Abu Dhabi International Airport Stopover - Milano Malpensa Airport - Milan - Milan Cathedral - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - Como - Lake Como - Lomazzo

    12:40 a.m. Arrive at Abu Dhabi International Airport. United Arab Emirates country Stopover to change planes
    03:30 a.m. Take you to the destination. Milano Malpensa Airport, Italy, Flight EY081
    08:00 a.m. Arrive at Milano Malpensa Airport, Italy. Take you through immigration and customs procedures. (Local time is 6 hours slower than Thailand) Take you through the immigration process and formalities.
    After customs clearance and baggage inspection, you will be taken on an air-conditioned coach to travel to the center of Milan, or what Italians call Milano (distance 50 km. / 1 hr.), which is the fashion capital of the world. Compete with Paris in France It is the business center of Italy. There are also famous fresco paintings. and the famous opera house, etc. Take you to take photos in front. Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano) This cathedral is built with Gothic architecture and is considered the third largest in the world. It took more than 400 years to build. The exterior has a slender roof with 135 marble peaks and more than 2,245 marble statues from various periods. The tallest is a 4-meter gold statue of the Madonna. It's elegant. Free shopping at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It has a walkway and a 4-story building covered with a curved roof. Located in the heart of Milan, Italy, this shopping center is named after King Vittorio. Emanuele II of Italy, first king of the Kingdom of Italy It was designed in 1861 and built by Giuseppe Mengoni from 1865 to 1877. Haute couture, jewelery shop Book and painting shop Including restaurants, coffee shops and bars, some are also among the shops. and Milan's oldest restaurant
    Noon: Eat lunch (meal 1)
    Take you to Como (Como) (distance 51 km. / 1 hour. minute) is a city in Lombardy, Italy, located on the border with Switzerland. Como is a city located in the Alps. To the north of the city lies Lake Como. It is considered one of the most popular tourist cities. It is home to famous art pieces, with many churches, museums, gardens, theatres, and old palaces. Take everyone to capture impressive photos with Lake Como, known as the most beautiful lake in the world. Located in the Lombardy region, not too far from Milan, with its surrounding length. up to 160 kilometers, plus the area around the lake reaches 146 square kilometers. Making this lake the 3rd largest lake in Italy. It is also the fifth deepest lake in Europe at over 400 meters deep. Lake Como's characteristic shape is reminiscent of the world famous inverted Y. The result of melting glaciers combined with erosion of the ancient Adda River to create a Y-shaped lagoon, it is one of the most scenic lakes in the world.
    Evening: Eat dinner (2nd meal).
    Travel to Lomazzo (distance 17 km / 30 minutes) is a city and settlement in the province of Como in the Lombardy region, located halfway between Como and Milan, the city's ancient historic centre.
    Accommodation: Just Hotel Lomazzo or similar hotel. (name of hotel where you are staying The company will notify you with the appointment form 5-7 days before the travel date.)

  • Дата
    Town of Lomazzo - Town of Engelberg Switzerland - Mount Titlis - Suspension Bridge - Ice Caves - Zug - Lohri AG Store - Lucerne

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (3rd meal).
    Then take you on a journey to Engelberg, Switzerland (distance 217 km. / 3.30 hrs.) is a small city. Located high on a mountain in the state of Obwalden. Switzerland Surrounded by the Alps The highest point within the city's borders is Mount Titlis. The peak of Mount Titlis is approximately 3,020 meters above sea level. In the middle is the location of the Roter cable car station for traveling up to the top of Mount Titlis. You will experience a circular cable car called Rotair cable car that spins around where you can see the view 360 degrees while moving upwards You will be able to admire the beautiful scenery of the Alps.
    Noon: Eat lunch. (Asian style set meal) on top of Mount Titlis (4th meal)
    Then take you to see the suspension bridge (TITLIS CLIFF WALK), built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of tourism on Mount Titlis. The bridge is 100 meters long, 3,000 meters high and you can see the beautiful Glacier cave and take a walk and take photos or play in the snow on the mountain top. Giving you the freedom to capture impressive photos at your leisure.
    Take you on a tour of Zug City (ZUG) (distance 65 km. / 1 hr.), the richest city in the country. And Zug is ranked among the world's ten cleanest cities. It is an old city that still maintains the beauty of the European stone floors of the Middle Ages. You will love this city. What will impress you is the feeling of fresh and clean air, probably because the city is located on a lake. Freedom to shop at Lohri AG Store with world-class watches for you to choose from such as Patek Philippe, Franck Muller Cartier, Piaget, Parmigiani Fleurier, Panerai, IWC, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Blancpain, Tag Heuer, etc. Interlaken.
    Then take you on a journey to Lucerne (Lucerne), the number one popular tourist city in Switzerland. Surrounded by lakes and mountains (distance 32 km. / 1 hr.)
    Evening: Eat dinner (5th meal).
    Holiday Inn Express Luzern‐Neuenkirch accommodation or similar level (The name of the hotel you will be staying at will be notified by the company along with the appointment form 5-7 days before the travel date.)

  • Дата
    Carved stone lions - Chapel Bridge - Schwanenplatz - Bern - Zeit Glocke clock - Brown Bear Pond - Dijon, France

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (6th meal).
    Then take you to see The Dying Lion of Lucerne is carved into a natural rock cliff. It commemorates the brave sacrifice of Swiss soldiers in the French Revolution in 1792. See the wooden Chapel Bridge, which is 204 meters long, spanning the river. Reuss River, the symbol of Lucerne, is the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe. Built in 1333, under the bridge's roof there are historical paintings of the Swiss along the bridge. Free to walk around Schwanenplatz This is the main shopping area for tourists visiting Lucerne. Located on the right bank of Lake Lucerne. There are many shops here, coffee shops, restaurants, and there is even a Rolex watch factory in the area. Surrounding shops sell local Swiss handicrafts. Some shops sell souvenirs, chocolates, jewelry, etc.
    Noon: Eat lunch (meal 7)
    Take you on a journey to Bern (Bern) (distance 129 km. / 2 hours), the elegant capital of the country. And it is a priceless World Heritage city that has been preserved until today in Bern. Was built in the Middle Ages in Europe. UNESCO has declared part of Bern a heritage city. Take you through the ZYT GLOGGE Clock Tower, the most famous medieval clock tower of the area. Bern Old Town Built in the 13th century, it is 800 years old. There is a show every hour when the clock strikes the time. Today it is one of the most famous symbols of Bern. Brown Bear Pond (Bear Pit) When you arrive in this city, you must stop by to see the bear first. which is the symbol of Bern that is the symbol of Bern Because it has an ancient history Since the time when the rulers of Bern in that era had been hunting The first animal to be hunted is a bear. Then you will be taken to Dijon (distance 253 km. / 3.30 hrs.), a city famous for its excellent wine. It is also the capital of the Burgundy region. It is a capital that is very important in the history of Burgundy and France. Then take you to take impressive photos with the landmark. Visit Dijon's beautiful churches and stroll around.
    Evening: Eat dinner (8th meal).
    Accommodation: ibis Dijon Center Clemenceau or similar hotel. (name of hotel where you are staying The company will notify you with the appointment form 5-7 days before the travel date.)

  • Дата
    Outlet La Valle - Paris - Louvre - Benlux duty free - Gallery Lafayette

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (meal 9).
    You are free to shop at your leisure at La Vallée Village Outlet (distance 320 km. / 5 hours). It is an outlet selling various famous brand name products. It is sold at a price that is at least 30 percent cheaper than the normal price and there are some special promotions during various seasons. That may reduce the price by up to 70 percent together. Making it a very popular place for tourists who like to shop for brand name products. Currently, Outlet La Valle has 10 brand name products for sale. VERSACE is one of the brands. Popular in Thailand and there are also GUCCI, LACOSTLE, ERIC BOMPARD or BACCARAT available as well.
    Noon: Free lunch at your leisure.
    Then take you to the city of Paris (Paris) (distance 38 km. / 1.30 hrs.) Take impressive photos with various tourist attractions in Paris. Take you to visit outside. The Louvre Museum is the most famous museum in Paris. The works on display are stunningly beautiful and are art that has priceless value. It showcases the ancient and grandeur of the place, making it a museum of global importance. Free shopping at the Benlux Louvre duty free department store, a famous department store in the heart of Paris. You will find products from leading brands from around the world. Galleries Lafayette is one of the most famous luxury department stores in Paris. Inside a building with beautiful architecture At present, there are branches divided into major cities both in the country and abroad. In total, there are 61 locations.
    Evening: Eat dinner (meal 10).
    Accommodation: Hôtel Forest Hill Meudon-Vélizy or similar level hotels (name of hotel where you are staying The company will notify you with the appointment form 5-7 days before the travel date.)

  • Дата
    Funicular Montmartre cable car ride - Sacré Basilica - Coeur Basilica - Seine River Cruise by Bato Mouche - Eiffel Tower - Arc de Triomphe - Champs-Elysees

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (meal 11).
    Then everyone goes to reveal the experience. Ride the Funicular Montmartre funicular (distance 21 km / 1 hr) (tour price includes one round trip to the top). Opened in the summer of 1990, it has been regularly rebuilt and renovated. until now The funicular is electric and carries over 2 million passengers per year. The journey takes 90 seconds and is automatic. Then take everyone to Sacred Coeur Basilica (The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris), a place that is called “The Sacred Heart of Paris,” a popular tourist spot Located on the top of the Montmartre hill (La butte Montmartre), 129 meters above sea level, the only hill in Paris. If looking from this point It is a romantic view. It was designed by Paul Abadie, an architect who was selected from a total of 77 architects. It took almost 40 years to construct. Take you back to the city of Paris (Paris) (distance 22 km. . / 1 hr.)
    Noon: Eat lunch (meal 12).
    Take you on a boat cruise on the Seine River by Bateaux-Mouches (approximately 1 hour) (tour price includes boat trip). There are lectures on the history of Paris along the full line between the two sides. With various architecture such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, etc. Then take you to take a souvenir photo outside the Eiffel Tower, one of the important landmarks. France The building is constructed entirely of steel frame. It has a height of approximately 300 meters (compared to a building of approximately 75 floors). It is built in the form of a tower. It was named after the architect who designed it, named “Gustave Eiffel,” who was both a famous French engineer and architect at that time. which specializes in the construction of steel works in particular The Eiffel Tower was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. and to show the wealth, greatness, and success in the country's industrial era at that time. The best spot for taking photos of the Eiffel Tower is the square in front of the Palais de Chaillot, near the station of Trocadéro, where we will take you. Because this is the shooting angle where you will definitely see the Eiffel Tower without anything blocking its beauty. The French Triumphal Arch (Arc de Triomphe) or what it's called in full. Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile It is an architectural work designed by Jean Chalker. It is more than 200 years old and was built in 1806. It has a height of 49.5 meters, a width of 45 meters and a depth of 22 meters. It is ranked as the largest triumphal arch. 2 of the world after Emperor Napoleon I won at the Battle of Austerlitz. It took more than thirty years to build. Use the New Classical art style, adapted from ancient Roman architecture by using sculptures from important sculptors of the era. There are sculptures that symbolize victory and encouragement, as well as honoring the sacrifices made by brave soldiers for France. It was later established as a memorial to French soldiers during World War I, which today is also the tomb of the unknown soldier who served France. Giving you the freedom to shop on the most famous famous street in France. The Champs Elysees is one of the most famous roads in France. Premium shopping center area A source of products from all world famous brands. A restaurant that is luxurious and luxurious. It is considered an important business district of Paris. Commercial area with the most expensive rents in the world It is also ranked as the most beautiful road in the world. Most of the buildings on the Champs-Elysees are a blend of Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles.
    Evening: Eat dinner (meal 13).
    Accommodation: Hôtel Forest Hill Meudon-Vélizy or similar level hotels (name of hotel where you are staying The company will notify you with the appointment form 5-7 days before the travel date.)​

  • Дата
    Paris - Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport - Abu Dhabi International Airport Stopover to change planes

    Morning: Eat breakfast (SET BOX) (meal 14)
    Then take you on a journey to Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, France To travel back to Bangkok
    10:25 a.m. Return to Thailand by ETIHAD AIRWAYS flight EY032.
    07:00 p.m. Arrive at Abu Dhabi International Airport. United Arab Emirates Stopover to change planes
    10:30 p.m. Return to Bangkok by ETIHAD AIRWAYS flight EY408.

  • Дата
    Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand

    08:20 a.m. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand safely.

Meals And Accommodation
Just Hotel Lomazzo Fiera or Equivalent
Holiday Inn Express Luzern‐Neuenkirch or Equivalent
Ibis Dijon Center Clemenceau or Equivalent
Hôtel Forest Hill Meudon-Vélizy or Equivalent
Hôtel Forest Hill Meudon-Vélizy or Equivalent
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