Singapore Sentosa Island Freeday 3Days 2Nights TATSG 8231

Singapore Sentosa Island Freeday 3Days 2Nights TATSG 8231

Приключение Семейная Забава История и Культура Шоппинг Temple Free Day Direct Flight
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Singapore Sentosa Island Freeday 3Days 2Nights TATSG 8231

 Сингапур, Сингапур
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  • Дата
    Suvarnabhumi Airport – Changi Airport – Singapore – Gardens by the Bay – Fountain of Wealth – Take photos of the Helix Bridge – RHAPSODY LIGHT SHOW – SPECTRA LIGHT & fountain show WATER SHOW

    06:30 a.m. Meet at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Departure building SINGAPORE AIRLINES airline counter, with Letsco Group staff welcoming you and facilitating check-in for you.
    09:40 a.m. Take you to Changi Airport, Singapore by SINGAPORE AIRLINES flight SQ705 (food and beverage service on board)
    01:05 p.m. Arrive at Changi Airport, Singapore. (Local time is 1 hour faster than Thailand) After that, take it through the immigration checkpoint. Pick up your baggage After that, depart for sightseeing as per the program.
    Take you on a journey to The Fountain of Wealth (FOUNTAIN OF WEALTH) is believed to be the best place to receive Feng Shui energy. Located at Suntec City, a group of 5 buildings built according to Feng Shui principles, like the 5 fingers and in the middle of the hand there is a fountain. This water is like money in your hand. and was recorded by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest fountain in the world in 1998, with a height of 13.8 meters.

    How to make a wish
    Touch the water with your right hand and make one wish, then walk around clockwise 3 times. It is believed that the wish will be successful. Normally it is open for viewing three times a day: 10:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00 and 18:00-19:30. *The fountain may be closed suddenly without prior notice*

    Take you to Gardens by the Bay (GARDENS BY THE BAY), a large public park located on an area of over 1 million square meters in Marina Bay, Singapore. The construction budget was as high as 1,035 million Singapore dollars, or approximately 24,000 million baht. 

    Interesting activities
    CLOUD FOREST does not include entrance fee of 25 SGD/person.
    The interior consists of a waterfall. Sky walkway, stream and many kinds of trees Under a large area, reaching a height of 58 meters, the dome does not have a single pillar to support it. It is considered another example of an amazing engineering structure. The roof of the dome is made up of 2,577 glass panels. The dome has a controlled humidity and temperature of 23-25 degrees Celsius, maintaining the appearance of a tropical rainforest. Therefore, everyone who visits will feel the atmosphere like being in the middle of a rainforest valley.
    FLOWER DOME does not include entrance fee of 25 SGD/person.
    A greenhouse dome that showcases beautiful flowering plants from all over the world. The temperature is controlled between 23-25 degrees. The dome is divided into 9 zones, including the Australian Garden. south african garden south american garden california garden Mediterranean Garden, Olive Garden, the highlight is the flower garden in the center of the dome that includes the French Garden, Tulip Garden, Persian Garden. and a Japanese garden where flowering plants are rotated according to the season and the special theme of each festival.
    FLORAL FANTASY (FLORAL FANTASY) does not include entrance fee of 20 SGD/person.
    It is a decorated flower garden with an area of 1,500 square meters. It is the newest exhibit that opened. It is a unique flower display garden. Whether it's a beautiful carved wooden sculpture Artwork from flowers Feels like you are in a fairytale land.
    ** If the customer purchases as a package By visiting more than 1 dome, there will be a special price promotion. The price may be different. Please inquire with your tour guide or tour leader**
    In the evening, dinner service at a special restaurant... Bak kut teh menu.
    Take you to take photos of the Helix Bridge (HELIX BRIDGE), a bridge with a modern shape and one of the most beautiful bridges in Singapore at Marina Bay. It is a bridge that, in addition to being beautiful and unusual, is not like anywhere else. And it's also interesting from the concept of the design. It uses two steel tubes that rotate continuously along the length of the bridge, drawing ideas from the pattern of DNA.
    08:00 p.m. Watch the RHAPSODY LIGHT SHOW, a light show called OCBC Light and Sound Show. Each moment has a variety of moods. It begins with the sound of beautiful, romantic music. With lights that slowly move according to the music. interspersed with lively, lively music The lights twinkled like the trees were dancing for us to see. You can sit and watch the show in the Supertree Grove zone.
    09:00 p.m. Take you to see SPECTRA LIGHT & WATER SHOW, which is a spectacular show that is amazing for tourists visiting Singapore. It is the largest light, sound, and water show in the Southeast at the mouth of Marina Bay in front of MARINA BAY SAND. Performance in case of rain or there are activities of the department store
    Accommodation: 3-star IBIS SELEGIE / IBIS IMPERIAL HOTEL or equivalent.

  • Дата
    Freedom to travel as desired (Tour leader gives you travel advice) Free lunch and dinner for your convenience.

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    ** In the case that customers wish to travel to Sentosa Island, the tour leader will deliver them by public transport. Tourists pay their own travel expenses. No water will be given out on Free Day**
    S.E.A AQUARIUM has over 100,000 marine animals from 800 species. This aquarium One of the world's largest centers for manta rays. The largest in the world, including the large oceanic manta ray. Inside the aquarium Divided into 10 zones, each zone has different attractions. The main highlight is the glass tunnel area, an undersea walkway. At this point we can see sharks and stingrays swimming around here. Exciting like an adventure under the ocean. Does not include entrance fee of approximately 41 SGD/person or
    New landmark SKYHELIX, the highest panoramic outdoor ride in Singapore. An outdoor cable car that gently rotates as it rises 79 meters above sea level. and dangle your feet in the air Enjoy the view from a height. Be amazed by the 360 degree views. Not including entrance fee of approximately 18 SGD/person.
    Accommodation: 3-star IBIS SELEGIE / IBIS IMPERIAL HOTEL or equivalent.

  • Дата
    Tree Tunnel – Merlion Park – Buddha Tooth Relic Temple – Orchard Shopping Road – Changi Airport – Jewel Fountain – Suvarnabhumi Airport

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you on a journey to Tree tunnel (TREE TUNNEL) located in a beautiful public area. In the city center It is very shady. From the popularity of tourists coming to take beautiful photos with this tunnel. and many reviews on the internet, making it a famous place that everyone wants to visit.
    Take you on a journey to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (BUDDHA TOOTH RELIC TEMPLE) was built with a budget of 75 million Singapore dollars, or approximately 1,875 million baht, using the architectural style and interior design of China during the Tang Palace period. Combined with Mandala art from Tibet. And opened in 2007, it is a famous temple in Singapore. In which the relics of the Buddha's tooth or tongue are enshrined on the top floor of the temple. It was designed and conceptualized by Master Shi Fa Zhao, the abbot of the temple. together with the help of consultants both domestic and international Until becoming an important temple and famous tourist attraction today Located in Chinatown. Take you to see the duty free souvenir shop such as perfumes, keychains, chocolates, and various souvenirs.
    Then take you to take a picture with Merlion Park (MERLION PARK), a fictional animal that is a symbol of Singapore. It has the shape of a lion, the tail of a fish, and sits on the crest of a wave. Currently, there are a total of 5 Merlion statues in Singapore. The largest merlion Located on Sentosa Island. But the Merlion is the most well-known. and is considered the main landmark of Singapore. is the white merlion that sits The Marina Bay area was designed by Fraser Brunner, curator of the Vancleef Aquarium, in 1964. Then, in 1966, the Merlion was acquired. Used as a symbol and trademark of the Singapore Tourism Board. Later it was used widely until it became a symbol of the country.
    Noon, free lunch For the convenience of traveling
    Then you will be free. Shopping on Orchard Road (ORCHARD ROAD) Enjoy shopping, walking around and checking out the modern products that you like. Ready to view products Electronics, computers, cameras, video cameras and children's toys in the ORCHARD ROAD shopping area, a road that everyone who comes to Singapore must walk to see and buy BRAND NAME products from various brands. Orchard Road can be considered a world-class shopping destination.
    After that, you will be taken to Changi Airport to return to Thailand.
    Take you to see Jewel Waterfall (RAIN VORTEX), the highest indoor waterfall in the world, 130 feet high. Inside, there is also a beautifully arranged garden. and Indore waterfalls like The Rain Vortex, which is considered to be the highest Indore waterfall in the world, at the airport. Using 50,000 liters of circulating water, or approximately the water in five Olympic-sized swimming pools.
    05:30 p.m. Take you on a journey to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand by SINGAPORE AIRLINES flight SQ714 (food and beverage service on board)
    07:00 p.m. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand safely...with impressive results.

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