Hong Kong Kowloon Repulse Bay Kuan Yum Tin Hua 3Days 2Nights TATHK 8661

Hong Kong Kowloon Repulse Bay Kuan Yum Tin Hua 3Days 2Nights TATHK 8661

Приключение Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Религия и Дух Temple Full Day Direct Flight Lake Museum Repulse Bay
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Hong Kong Kowloon Repulse Bay Kuan Yum Tin Hua 3Days 2Nights TATHK 8661

 Kowloon, Гонконг
АвиалинияGreater Bay Airlines
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  • Дата
    Suvarnabhumi International Airport – Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong – Tsim Sha Tsui Nathan District – Hong Kong Star Road – Symphony of Light show viewing point

    08:30 a.m. together at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. International departure terminal, 4th floor, GREATER BAY AIRLINES (HB) airline counter, with company officials Welcoming and facilitating documents. Attach luggage tags before boarding the plane.
    10.40 a.m. depart for Hong Kong International Airport by GREATER BAY AIRLINES (HB) flight HB282
    02:40 p.m. Arrive at Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong. Take you through immigration and customs formalities. (Local time is 1 hour faster than Thailand. Please adjust the clock. Your time is local time. for the convenience of making an appointment) Check in to the famous shopping area of Hong Kong Island. The Tsim Sha Tsui area is very popular. Because this area is an area full of hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, as well as various famous tourist attractions, you can freely taste local food or street food shops, take chill photos, post on social media, and have fun shopping. According to the mother's version!
    Take a walk along the seaside, take photos, check in at Hong Kong's Avenue of Stars is located along the promenade. Victoria Bay There are many landmarks for us to take pictures and check in. The highlight of this place is There will be handprints of these stars. and famous people from the industry who are imprinted on the handrails throughout the walkway There are also statues of famous people such as Bruce Lee, the first Chinese star to succeed in Hollywood, located here.
    Spectacular view Along the river you can see Hong Kong's buildings lined up together. Ready to turn on the lights together beautifully Each building emits different colored laser lights to match. A place to watch the Symphony of Light show, the rhythm of the music playing throughout the show. (The show may be canceled according to the weather conditions at that time without prior notice.)
    Evening: Eat dinner (meal 1).
    Accommodation: Ease Hotel Tsuen Wan or similar level.
    (name of hotel where you are staying The company will notify you with an appointment form 5-7 days before the travel date.)

  • Дата
    Che Kung Miu Temple - Wang Tai Sin Temple - Shopping for lucky windmill amulets - Jade Shop - Free to shop at your leisure or you can choose to purchase an Optional Tour!! Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Tour, Visiting the Big Buddha on Lantau Island

    In the morning, eat breakfast (meal 2), special menu!! Dim Sum (DimSum)
    Sai Mu must come to ask for blessings at Che Kung Temple, which is rumored to be sacred. The story of a windmill that takes away bad things from life. It is believed that the turbine's rotation is reversed. It will help turn your life around from bad to good. causing this temple to have another name. “Windmill Temple” was originally a small temple. It is very old and has been preserved as a historical site. Built to commemorate Venerable Che Kung. A warrior who protected the last Emperor of the Song Clan.
    Increase your popularity! Continue to ask for blessings at Wong Tai Sin Temple. This temple is famous for asking for your soul mate, love, and health. When asking for love or a soul mate, we do not ask for Wang Daxian. But it is the moon god or the Yuklou god. The legendary god of love and marriage. As for Lord Wang Daxian, people come to ask for blessings for good health.
    Moo gives you the ultimate freedom in shopping. Lucky windmill amulet Filled with rings, necklaces, and many other accessories that you can choose to buy as souvenirs or wear as auspicious items as well. The ornaments here are outstanding and beautiful, and there are also famous and auspicious windmills. Continue shopping at the Jade Shop. Chinese people regard jade as a stone that represents beauty and purity. And there is a belief that if you carry it with you, you will have a long life and good health. Jade comes in many different forms, such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and many more for you to choose and shop at your convenience.
    Noon: Eat lunch (meal 3).
    *Free to travel at your own pace (no car, food, including local guides and tour leaders provided)
    ** If you want to purchase OPTION through a tour company. Please notify your request on the tour booking date or in advance before traveling**
    Recommended program, choose to buy Optional Tour!!
    Ngong Ping 360 cable car tour to worship the Big Buddha on Lantau Island + shuttle, price 2,500 baht per person (minimum 5 people, no guide)
    Take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car up to worship the Big Buddha at Big Buddha Po Lin Temple A beautiful temple on the top of Mount Po Lin that is sacred. and is respected by Hong Kong people The highlight of the temple is Tian Tan Buddha Statue, the world's largest outdoor bronze Buddha statue. Under the base of the Buddha image is a place of worship. Buddha Tooth Relic of the Lord Buddha brought from Sri Lanka for us to worship for good fortune. You can also go for a walk at Ngong Ping Village.
    Evening: Free dinner so as not to disturb your time.
    Accommodation: Ease Hotel Tsuen Wan or similar level.
    (name of hotel where you are staying The company will notify you with an appointment form 5-7 days before the travel date.)

  • Дата
    Victoria Peak – Guan Yin Tin Hua Temple – Repulse Bay – Hong Kong International Airport – Suvarnabhumi International Airport

    Morning: Eat breakfast (meal 4) Dim Sum menu (DimSum)
    Check-in at Hong Kong Panorama Viewpoint At the top of the mountain, Victoria Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island. At 1,818 feet (554 m), it offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Hong Kong.
    Increase your luck and pray for blessings at Kwun Yam Shrine is located next to the sea. Tin Hau Temple Repulse Bay This temple was built to protect fishermen on their boat trips. It is one of Hong Kong's oldest temples. Around the temple there is a large Kuan Yin statue. People like to ask for blessings and pray that they will have children as they wish. And there is also a belief that you can ask for the gender of your child. And nearby there is a small bridge. It is believed that if you walk across the bridge you will have a long life.
    Then take you on a journey to Hong Kong International Airport To travel back to Bangkok.
    03:40 p.m. Take you back to Thailand by GREATER BAY AIRLINES (HB) flight HB283.
    05:45 p.m. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand safely.

Meals And Accommodation
Ease Hotel Tsuen Wan or similar level.
Ease Hotel Tsuen Wan or similar level.
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