Water Sports Adventure (Water Sports Adventure) New South Wales Австралия

Water Sports Adventure

 New South Wales, Австралия

Get ready to take your adventures to the next level and fly your way up in the sky with the James Bond-inspired water-powered backpack. Feel the air around you, and be inspired by the beauty of the ocean as you fly over 15 metres above the water while wearing a jetpack. The jetpack unit blasts hundreds of litres of water through a specially designed thrust nozzle, which allows you to experience the feeling of flying above water. If the jetpack adventure isn't enough for you, then try out the flyboard, which is the latest craze that hit Australia. This water-powered device lets you feel like you're Iron Man. It even lets you perform tricks such as flying, turning, diving, back diving, falling, and high flying. If you want more flying action, then try out the Jetovator, which is inspired by the Crusty Demons that belong to a group of freestyle daredevil motorcyclists. This device lets you ride up to 30 feet above water and can even let you skim along the surface of the water.