History, Language & Culture Польша

История, Язык и Культура Польша

Poland was once part of the Soviet Union, in the Battle of Warsaw, Poland fought five times as much as the Soviet Union with its soldiers. But patriotic Polish soldiers were able to drive Russia away. Later, Poland had a domestic conflict. Nazi Germany has demanded the annexation of the Seri Danzig port, but Poland has refused. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union entered into the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and joined forces to occupy Poland in 1939, with Germany taking over the west. The Soviet Union will take over the east. But the Polish government took refuge to Britain and formed a government in exile, continuing to fight Nazi Germany.


While under the Nazi occupation of Germany The Nazis had forcibly taken millions of Polish Jews into concentration camps. Especially the Auschwitz concentration camp And brutal and brutal massacres Later in 1945 the Red Army of the Soviet Union has occupied Poland and has given rise to communist rule. After World War II and the Cold War Poland was one of the members of the Eastern European countries with a communist regime. People in this country mainly speak Polish.

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