О Македония

О Македония Флаг Македония

North Macedonian or its official name. Republic of North Macedonia.  Macedonian is a top independent state. Balkans in southeastern Europe This country is often referred to simply as "Macedonia", which may be confusing with Extensive geographic regionsAnd Macedonia of Greece North Macedonia is only part of the Macedonian geographic region. It is approximately 38 percent of the land area and nearly 44 percent of the population, larger than the area dominated by North Macedonia. Previously it was the southernmost part of Yugoslavia.


The current border is set after World War II, when the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia founded the "Socialist Republic of Macedonia" (the Socialist Republic of Macedonia), which argued that As acceptance Slavic Macedonian As a separate nation within Yugoslavia, later in the year 1991 it was peacefully separated from Yugoslavia by renaming it. The "Republic of Macedonia" and no further changes were made to the area. The country had a long dispute with Greece over the use of the name "Macedonia" until on June 12, 1945. In 2018, the Macedonian and Greek governments reached a preliminary agreement to settle the dispute. Which will result in the country being renamed Republic of North Macedonia

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