History, Language & Culture Финляндия

История, Язык и Культура Финляндия

It is believed that the beginning of the relationship between Sweden and Finland began in 1698 in the missionary war. At the end of the 18th Buddhist century a city was established in the southwest of the country at boor Turku, with Turku being one of the largest cities in the Kingdom of Sweden at that time. During this century Many Swedes settled on the south and northwest coasts. On the Aland Islands The Swedish language remained the main language of the region today. In addition, Swedish became the language of the upper class in other parts of Finland at that time.


Finnish,Swedish language.


The culture of Finland combines indigenous heritage, as represented for example by the country's national languages Finnish (a Uralic language) and Swedish (a Germanic language), the sauna, with common Nordic and European cultural aspects.

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