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История, Язык и Культура Дания

Denmark's history starts when the Denes migrated from Sweden. In the late 9th century, a Viking chief named Hadregon fought to victory over Jutland. The Danish royal family then began in the early 10th century, with Hadregon's son ascended to the throne, Gorm the Old. The next generation was the son of Gorm the Old, who was named Harald Bluetooth Battle Triumph, expanding the territory to cover modern Denmark. And most of the countries in the Baltic Sea, as well as England, and in this era that Denmark converted to Christianity.


Hans Christian Andersen is widely known as the famous Danish fairy tale author of many of his tales such as The Emperor's New Clothes, The Little Mermaid (The Little Mermaid). Mermaid) and The Ugly Duckling, etc. Nobel Prize-winning writer Karen Blixen, Henrik Pontoppidan, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Niels Born. Draw a caricature of Victor Borg and the philosopher Sorren Kirgeard. All of them have built a reputation for themselves and Denmark on an international level. There are many beautiful and interesting places in Copenhagen, such as Tivoli Gardens, Amelianburg Palace. (Residence of the Danish Royal Family) Christiansburg Palace Copenhagen Cathedral Rosenborg Castle Opera house Federick Church Trowarldsen Museum And mermaid carvings, etc. The second largest city in the country is Arthur city Which is an old city established in the Viking period And is the oldest city in the country as well It is home to the country's largest cathedral and the second largest in Northern Europe. Like many other Scandinavian countries, Denmark is also a leader in social change, such as legalizing pornography or legislating homosexuals to legally marry.

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