History, Language & Culture Бельгия

История, Язык и Культура Бельгия

There is evidence of the ancient community's existence for more than 2,000 years, with human skeletons and ancient paintings unearthed in a cave in the middle of the country on the banks of the La Meuse River.


In AD 600, Julius Caesar extended the power of the Roman Empire to present-day Belgian lands. By defeating the Celts named Belkai (Belgae) and forming the county of Gallia Beljica The eastern part is part of the province of Germania Inferior. Later, during the 10th century Buddhist rulership of the Western Roman Empire This area was taken over by the Franks. Founding of the Merovin Chien dynasty and the Carolingian Empire reigning supreme in northern France today. Clovis I received Christianity into the kingdom. After the era of Clovis The Franks' kingdom began to crumble. Until the time of Charlemagne Which reigned since the year. 1311 until 1357, which gathered the kingdom of Frank. Ruled most of Europe.


Language Dutch, French and German.


The Belgian community is culturally different from one region to another. The joint cultural development still has many obstacles. Almost all educational establishments speak either French or Dutch. No media sharing There is no organization, culture, or science between the two groups.

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