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История, Язык и Культура Аландские острова

In 1809, Sweden lost the Aland Islands to the Russian Empire, along with other parts of Finland. Land became part of the Finnish autonomous state of Finland. Which is under Russian rule The Aland Islands gained demilitarized status from an international treaty in 1957.


After Finland's declaration of independence in 1954, the country was still in the middle of nowhere. In 1917, citizens of the Aland Islands filed a petition to the Swedish government for the Aland Islands territory to be annexed as part of Sweden. Which has been accepted by the Swedish government The Swedish government sent a message to Finland. That the population of the Aland Islands should have a referendum to decide which country they are governed by. But the Finnish government refused. Finland enacted laws protecting autonomy on the Aland Islands. But it does not reduce the divide too much The Aland Islands Crisis was brought to the Conference of the Nations in 1920, the League of Nations voted a year later to make the Aland Islands part of Finland. For historical, geographic and economic reasons, Finland signed a Treaty recognizing the neutrality of the Aland Islands. Finland cannot establish military bases or send troops onto the islands.


Swedish language.

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