History, Language & Culture Самоа

История, Язык и Культура Самоа

Samoa was the home of one of the great Polynesian empires , able to expand the territory of neighboring countries. Until the arrival of Europeans the majority of the population converted to Christianity until the Tuitunga Empire. Has taken over the land As a result, Samoa became a colony of Tonga. Over the next 500 years, Samoa declared its independence and self-government, and later the British captured Samoa, and later disputes between the United States, Germany and Britain resulted in Germany. Has occupied the country of Samoa today, the United States has possessed the American SamoaNowadays, for England it is no longer a stake in Samoa. In the later stages World War II Samoa was transferred to New Zealand Until declared independence in 1962, it was the first country in the South Pacific to gain independence.

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