History, Language & Culture Micronesia

История, Язык и Культура Micronesia

Europeans were not very interested in the Caroline Islands. Because it has little economic value Compared to other territories that exist nearby Later, the British and the Americans came to hunt. They persecuted and brought disease to the indigenous peoples. The Caroline Islands were colonized by many nations from Spain, later to Germany and Japan. And after World War 2 it belonged to the United States It later gained independence in 1979.


It's an island culture Dress code, whether male or female, topless. The bottom part is dressed in cloth like a skirt. The islanders inherit the wisdom of building canoes for themselves. Mana for hundreds of years. Small canoes use paddlers. But the canoes set out to sea and sail with the wind To come and go through walking and boats The visit to the visitor must have a souvenir for the host.

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