Money & Duty Free for Timor-Leste

Деньги и Беспошлинной Торговли Timor-Leste

Goods which you don’t pay duties for

When entering Timor-Leste, you can bring into the country, without paying any duties:

Each adult traveller can bring goods duty free into Timor-Leste up to a maximum value of USD 300 (three hundred dollars).


Additionally, duty free goods are limited per traveller to the following maximum quantities for each item: Tobacco products:200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos (with a maximum weight of 3 grams per unit), or75 cigars, or 30 grams of cut tobacco.


Medicine: quantity corresponding to the personal needs of the traveller.

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages

distilled beverages and spirits with an alcoholic rate superior to 22% vol., natural 80% vol. ethanol or more than: 1.5 litres

wine: 5 litres

Perfume: 75 grams

Eau de toilette: 0.375 litre

Coffee: 1 kilogram of coffee

Tea: 200 grams or 80 grams of tea essence

Medicine: quantity corresponding to personal use

Travellers under 17 years cannot bring any tobacco products, or alcohol or alcoholic beverages into Timor-Leste, and can bring in other products duty free up to a total limit of USD 300 (three hundred dollars) and with limits on individual items outlined above.


Taxes & Refunds

Taxes are included in the prices of goods and services. There is no tax refund system for tourists.

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