Public Holidays in Иран

Public & Holidays Иран

Iran is an Islamic republic, meaning that it takes the principles of Islam as the main rule. Working days of government and private offices are therefore based on religious principles, with Friday as a holiday.

Usually the official will work on Saturday - Wednesday (closed Thursday and Friday).

Most private business days have an additional half Thursday, closing at 2:00 PM


Iran public holidays are as follows;

January 17            Martyrdom of Fatima

February 11          Iranian Revolution

February 25          Birth of Imam Ali

March 11              Mission of Muhammad

March 20              Nationalization of Oil Industry

March 29              Birth of Imam Mahdi

April 1                   Islamic Republic Day

April 2                   Sizdah Be-dar

May 3                   Martyrdom of Imam Ali

May 13-14            Eid

June 4                  Death of Khomeini

June 5                  Revolt of Khordad

June 6                  Martyrdom of Imam Jafar

July 20                 Eid al – Adha

July 28                 Eid al-Ghadeer

August 18            Tasu’a

August 19            Ashura's Day

September 28      Arba’een

October 7            Martyrdom of Imam Reza

October 24          Mawlid

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