Italy Switzerland France 8 Days 6 Nights TATFR7120

Italy Switzerland France 8 Days 6 Nights TATFR7120

Приключение Пляжи и Солнце Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Спорт Обеденный Религия и Дух Temple Full Day
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Italy Switzerland France 8 Days 6 Nights TATFR7120

 Ломбардия, Италия
АвиалинияОман Воздух
Период перемещения :
12 Ноябрь 2023 в 19 Ноябрь 2023 Period Other time
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USD 1,915
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Программа Тура
  • Дата
    Suvarnabhumi Airport - Maskat Airport - Paris Charles De Golden Airport

    06.00 a.m. Make an appointment at the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand, please notice the Late Group sign. Meet the staff to welcome and facilitate the check -in for you.
    09.10 a.m. Departure to Mascat Airport, Oman by Oman Air, flight at WY818 (food and beverage service)
    12.35 p.m. Arrive at Masakat Airport, Oman and wait for the plane.
    02.45 p.m. Take you to Paris Charles de Garl, France by Oman Air. Flight Wy131 (Food and beverages on the plane)
    07.25 p.m. Arrive at Paris Charles Durgl, France. After that, take you through the immigration checkpoint, receive luggage and travel on the program. (Local time is 6 hours slower than Thailand)
    Take you to Paris (takes about 4 hours to travel). Paris is the capital city and the largest city of France, located on the Seine River. Settle down for more than 2,000 years. Currently, Paris is one of the world's advanced economic and cultural centers. And is one of the famous tourism places in the world
    IBIS STYLES PARIS CDG Airport, 3 -star Paris or equivalent

  • Дата
    Paris - Eiffel Tower - French Gate - Shong Selise Road - Batomuch Cruise Visit the Seand River - Louvre Museum - Plai Garini Plai Plai Plai - Ladylier Gallery Department Store

    Breakfast service at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to the French Landmark Hall. Is a steel structure tower located on Chong Demar The Sen River in Paris is a symbol of France that is known all over the world. Take you to take pictures French victory gate Is a large outdoor architecture Located on Chardegol Square This victory gate can be said to be an important architecture of the city in Paris. Take you to Schong Selise Road. Is a French commercial district, such as the theater, coffee shops and luxury stores Various brands On both sides of the road, there are beautiful chestnuts that have been decorated beautifully, lined up with the name Chong Seli from the word Elimbing from the Greek gods in French. Shong Selise is called the most beautiful road in the world. Take you to see the Seen Bato Mush River as one of the popular tourists in the Seen Yod River. It is also a tour company that operates the oldest boat business in Paris. It takes about 1 hour to watch the important places that the river passes, such as the Luffy Museum. The third Alexander Bridge is a very popular activity to take a boat to see Paris. It can be said that it is an important highlight. If anyone comes to Paris, must not miss the romantic cruise in France.
    Noon served lunch at the restaurant, a special menu !! Espigo clams
    Take you to take a picture of the chest of Louvre Museum Is an art museum located in Paris France The Louvre Museum is the most famous museum. Oldest And one of the largest in the world Which was opened for the public to visit in the year 2336 (1793) has a long history since the Gaxiang Dynasty The original building used to be a royal palace. Currently, it is a place that is exhibited and preserved more than 35,000 world -class art works from prehistoricity to the 19th century. Independent, you can take a picture with the Luffy Museum of the Luffy Museum. I.M. Chinese-American architect Completed construction in 1988 It is one of the initiative projects of President Front Sua. Take you to take pictures outside with Paris Opera or Paris Opera is in the center of Paris, built by Charles Garnee, according to Baroque architecture. Which is very beautiful, especially the exquisite decoration inside the building Take you to The Lafayatte Gallery Department Store is located on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th area of Paris. Near Opera Garnier, there are many brands for you to buy. At the shop to suit every budget From ready -made clothes to high fashion The shop's architecture is Art Nuvo. There are outstanding domes and beautiful scenery in Paris. Making it a tourist destination of the capital of France Free for you to shopping at your leisure.
    Free dinner dinner As in place of ease of shopping
    Ibis Paris CDG Airport, 3 -star Paris or equivalent.

  • Дата
    Paris - Dee Jong - City Lausanne - Lausanne University - Lausanne

    Breakfast service at the hotel restaurant.
    Bring you to Dee Jong (take about 4.30 hours). The city of Jung is a former city of Bergan Province. The history of D. Jong began with the settings of ancient Roman people, with the city named DVO located on the route to Lyon and Paris. In addition, it was an important location of the territory of the Duke. During the 11th century until the end of the 15th century, during that time, there was a prosperity. And is an economic kingdom, arts and culture, learning and science
    Lunch at lunch at a local restaurant.
    Take you to Lausanne (takes about 3 hours), located in the north of Lake Geneva. Is a beautiful and natural charm city Switzerland And is also a city with a long history. Up to the 4th century, when the Romans relocated to this lowland area In addition, Lausanne Also used to be the residence of Somdej Ya and the son His daughter was also young as well. Is an ancient university in the world Take you to take pictures with Lausanne Cathedral Or the North North Cathedral of the ancient Lausanne city began construction in 1718. It is a beautiful Gothic building that is ranked in Europe. Via the international Olympic Museum. Which is prominent in the hill Take you to Park of Lausanne With 3 monkeys covering the eyes, covering the eyes, which is the favorite place of King Rama IX. When he was young, he took a picture of a memorial to the Thai pavilion that the Thai government sent in the park of Lo. Sann
    Dinner service at a local restaurant
    Hotel Agora Swiis Night by Fassbind, Lausanne, 3 -star or equivalent

  • Дата
    Lausanne - Burn city - Old town - Boran city gate - Boem Bern - Ill Twald - Breanz Lake - Interlaken - Shop Road Toasting Höheweg

    Breakfast service at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Bern (approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to travel) as the capital. And located in the center of Switzerland There is an impressive distinctive outstanding of the old town built since the Middle Ages. Which was preserved from the past to the present Take you to visit Old town Still the original appearance since 800 years ago that still saw one of the most mid -range countries in the world. While also being registered as a cultural world pressing by UNESCO in 1983, leading you to the viewpoint The city gate is at the end of the Spitalgrasse road. With a large watches standing out above Formerly a part of the city wall in the prison prison. Sometimes it is called Prison Tower. Take you to visit. Bear Bear Also known as Barren Grobin, it was created as a symbol that this Burn is a bear city. The origin of 4-5 brown bear lives in the edge of the pond. In the past, built a bear pond to be in the city of Burn since the 15th century. Until the last time moved to set up here in 1996
    Free lunch As in place of convenience in tourism
    Bring you to the city of Ill Twald. (Takes about 1 hour to travel) take you to take a picture with The Lake Bronz Lake is a quiet emerald lake. In the north of the Alps One of the South Korean series, Crash Landing on You. Bring you to the city of Inlake. (Takes about 30 minutes to travel) the meaning that means "The city between the two lakes" is a city that is located between the Lake and the Brian Lake. Beautiful bright blue lake Was flanked to the front, back with a lush green mountain range Free for everyone to shop Shopping street in Höheweg, the main road of the city Or can be said to be a shopping area in the center of the city Throughout the distance of over 700 meters, the surrounding area is the hotel, restaurant, shops, various kinds of products. Fashion clothing store Famous watches and souvenirs Including delicious restaurants that are cooked by leading chefs On both sides of the road will be decorated with flower pots under the window. Suitable for strolling, resting, visiting the city, including all forms of activities and entertainment, such as performances on the stage, concerts, other cultural performances. And shopping comfortably
    Free dinner dinner As in place of ease of shopping
    Hotel Central Continental, 3 -star interlaken or equivalent

  • Дата
    Interlaken City - Angleberg city - up to the top of the Titles by Rotar Cable Cable - Ice Cave - Titelis Cliff - Lucerne - Lion Monument Carved stone - Chapel wooden bridge

    Breakfast service at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Angleberg (It takes about 1 hour 50 minutes to travel) Switzerland Located at the foot of the mountains Along with the backdrop of the Alps With snow covered throughout the year, is another leading city of Switzerland. In which the city is located on a hill near "Titles" brought you to travel Up to the top of the Titles by the Rotar Cable Car. (It takes about 30 minutes to travel), which can see the spectacular view of the 360 degree direction as a peak with a height of 3,238 meters, with snow covering the top of the hill throughout the year. In the winter it is considered another highlight for tourists to take you to see the ice cave that has never been dissolved, with a length of 130 meters and has a depth of up to 15 meters. While watching the scenery of various peaks around Which is covered with snow, white, poly, is a picture that is rare or choosing to experience the cliff atmosphere more than 10,000 feet on the highest suspension bridge in Europe, Titlis Cliff ** Travel up to see the top Khao Titlis Depending on the situation and climate In the event that the faculty cannot see the top of the Titles Regardless of the case The company reserves the right to not return the cost. Regardless of any part for you in all cases Since it is all the predefat with representatives However, the company will consider the benefits of customers as important **
    Lunch at lunch at a local restaurant. On the top of the Titles
    ** In the case of restaurants on the top of Titulis Unable to support the faculty Regardless of the case The company reserves the right. Bring you to eat at a restaurant in nearby cities as a replacement and cannot return the cost. Regardless of any part, the company will consider the benefits of the customer as important. **
    Take you to Lucerne (Takes about 1.30 hours to travel), the number one popular tourist city of Switzerland That was surrounded by lakes and mountains Take you to take a picture with Carved stone lion monument Carved on natural rock cliffs To commemorate the courageous self -renunciation of the Switzerland soldiers caused by revolution in France in the year. 1792 Take you to Shape Pailway Bridge Which is 204 meters long, crossing through the Royce River Which is beautiful, which is like the symbol of Lucerne Is a wooden bridge with the oldest roof in Europe Free for you to walk around the city and shopping at your leisure.
    Free dinner dinner As in place of ease of shopping
    Hotel Holiday Inn Express, Luzern 3 Star or equivalent

  • Дата
    Lucerne City - Komo - Lake Komo - Milan City - The Cathedral of Milan - Prasco Castle

    Breakfast service at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Komo (about 1 hour to travel) located on the border with Switzerland. It is a city adjacent to the Komo Lake and the Alps, making Komo as another tourist city that tourists like to travel to take pictures with Lake Komo.
    Lunch at lunch at the Chinese restaurant.
    Take you to Milan (takes about 1 hour 30 minutes), the capital city of Italy. Is the main city of Lombardia And is an important city in the north of Italy Located in the Lombardy plains, the city of Milan comes from the word "MID-can", which means in the middle of the plains. Milan is famous for fashion and art, which Milan is classified as a fashion city in the same way as New Yord Paris, London and Rome. It is a cathedral that has a great gothic architecture with a height of 157 meters and 92 meters wide, located in the Square in Milan. It is like a symbol of Milan. Secondary Italy from St. Peter's Cathedral, located in Vatican
    ** The entrance ticket cost of the Cathedral of Milan is about 10 euros per person or calculated in Thai currency about 400 baht per person **
    Take you to take pictures with the monument of King Victor. Emmanuel II, the originator of various cities in Italy. And the monument of another famous artist in the Renaissance era, the Lyonardo Wini monument, facing the theater in the front of the Piasa Della Sakala Theater. Or the old Scala Theater of the city through the victory gate of Milan Towering in the middle of a large park in Milan Founded in 1888, with a total area of 240 rai and is located in the historical center of the city in the administrative area 1, adjacent to the garden of the Sasco Castle. It is hundreds of years old castle, which is the source of the famous gallery and museum of Milan. The past used to be a fortress of the Wiscuitsi family. Later, it was the residence of dictators in the 15th century, namely the Saforsa family.
    Dinner dinner at the Chinese restaurant.
    Hotel IBIS MILANO Fiera, 4 -star Milan or equivalent

  • Дата
    Milan - Galloe Victor Emmanuel - Maln Malpanza Airport - Mascat Airport

    Breakfast service at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to the Gallery Victor Emmanuel, which is considered the most beautiful, luxurious and oldest shopping center in Milan. Emmanuel II, the originator of various cities in Italy and the monuments of another famous artist in the Renaissance era, Lyon Darwin, in front of Scala Theater
    Free lunch As in place of ease of shopping. Take you to Milanasa Airport to return to Thailand
    21.30 p.m. Departure to Mascat Airport, Oman by Oman Air, flight at Wy144 (food and beverages on the plane)

  • Дата
    Maskat Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Thailand

    06.40 a.m. Arrive at Masakat Airport, Oman.
    09.00 Travel to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand by Oman Air, flight at WY815 (serving food and beverages on the plane)
    05.45 p.m. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand safely ... with impression

Meals And Accommodation
Ibis Paris CDG Airport or Equivalent
Ibis Paris CDG Airport or Equivalent
Hotel Agora Swiis Night by Fassbind, Lausanne or Equivalent
Hotel Central Continental or Equivalent
Hotel Holiday Inn Express or Equivalent
Hotel IBIS MILANO Fiera or Equivalent
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  • Travelers must be fully vaccinated or have documentation showing their COVID-19 test results.

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  • Round-trip airfare with the group

  • baggage allowance

  • Meals according to the meals specified in the program

  • Accommodation fees as specified in the itinerary, 2 persons per room

  • Accident insurance while traveling with a limit of 1,000,000 baht per person *** Terms and conditions apply.

  • All airport taxes

  • Tour guide fee for service throughout the trip

  • Transportation and transportation fees as per the itinerary

  • Entrance fees to various places as listed in the itinerary

  • 7% VAT and withholding tax if you want to issue a receipt on behalf of the company

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  • Personal expenses other than specified items such as passport fees, telephone charges, long-distance calls, internet charges, laundry, mini-bars in the room. (Please ask the tour leader before using the service)

  • Tips for drivers, tour leaders and local guides

  • Other processing fees For non-Thai passport holders Entry and exit notification processing fee

  • Special meals other than those specified in the tour program and including special food requests such as vegetarian food, vegetarian food, seafood, etc.

  • Other additional airline service fees such as seats, meals, wheelchairs and other additional services (if any).

  • Tourist visa fees (if any), including in the event that the destination country announces free cancellation of tourist visas for Thai tourists

  • In the case of tourists or agents wanting Request to cancel a trip, postpone or change the trip. Tourists or Agents (People who have a list of reservation documents) must either email or travel to the company. to sign a document confirming the cancellation of the reservation with the company in writing only the company does not accept cancellation of reservations made by phone. in any case

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  • Cancellation notices more than 30 days before departure. Refund all expenses or deduct the actual service fees incurred. (In case of travel date falls on a public holiday any day The company reserves the right to cancel the trip for not less than 55 days)

  • Cancellation notices less than 30 days before departure. Collect expenses for each person 50% of the service fee or deduct the actual expenses incurred. (In the event that the actual cost is more than the specified the company reserves the right to charge additional expenses.

  • Cancel the trip less than 15 days. Collect 100% of the service charge per person.

  • This tour is for tourism purposes only.

  • This tour reserves the right for travelers holding ordinary passports. (brown cover / pig blood) only if you hold an official passport (dark blue cover) Diplomatic passport (bright red cover) and want to travel with a tour group with the purpose of tourism Without an invitation letter or any document linked to permission to use other special passports If the check-in counter is not approved immigration checkpoint Both Thailand (origin) outbound and international (destination) inbound, in any case The company reserves the right not to be responsible for any errors that may occur in this section. no matter what part

  • This tour is all prepaid tours. If you do not join the trip or use the services as specified in the list Either partially or completely or being denied entry - out of the city or for any reason, the company reserves the right not to refund the service fee. whether partially or fully to you under any circumstances

  • The company reserves the right not to be responsible for damages from mistakes in spelling of the name, surname, title, passport number, visa number, etc. for use in booking air tickets. In the event that the tourist or the agent does not send the passport and visa pages to the company with the deposit or the rest of the payment.

  • The company reserves the right to change the itinerary as appropriate. In order to comply with the situation, climate and time of the actual travel date of the country of travel, the company will consider the safety and benefits of customers as important.

  • The company reserves the right not to be liable for any damages or additional expenses of tourists that are not caused by the company's fault, such as natural disasters, riots, strikes, revolutions, accidents, illnesses, loss or damage of Baggage, delay, change or airline service other force majeure events, etc.

  • This service fee is calculated from the foreign currency exchange rate on the date of the quotation. Therefore, the company reserves the right to adjust the service fee. In the event of a change in foreign exchange rates airfare fuel tax airport tax airline insurance Flight changes, etc. that increase costs

  • Tour guide, employee or representative of the company There is no authority to make any contracts on behalf of the company unless the documents are signed by the authorized person of the company.

  • Tourists must be ready to travel in all respects. If any force majeure While waiting for a trip that is not related to the company, such as visa failure, uncontrollable accidents Beyond our control and expectation, the Company will be responsible for refunding only the portion of the tour that has not yet been paid by the Company to its partners. or will have to pay according to Agree to partners only in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

  • Please separate liquids, gels, aerosols that you will bring on the plane. Must have a package size of not more than 100 ml per piece and not more than 1,000 ml in total for each piece, separated by clear plastic with a sealed chip. And can be taken out to the staff to determine the inspection conveniently at the X-ray point. Only 1 piece per person is allowed to be carried. If such items are packaged more than the specified size, they must be put in a large bag. and leave the staff to load under the plane only

  • Weapon-like items such as nail clippers, pocket knives, tweezers, sports equipment, etc. must be carried in a large bag and deposited under the aircraft only.

  • This tour group is the exclusive payment of all expenses with the company representative who has been duly certified at the destination country. Some parts of the program may require travel in accordance with the policy of the destination country. In the event that you do not want to use any part of the service in any case All actual expenses incurred will not be refunded to the traveler. In the event that this happens in any case

  • In the case of customers who book only tours, excluding air tickets (Joy land Tour buys tickets separately) On the tour start date (Day 1), you need to wait for the group only. The company cannot let the team wait for you. in any case in the event that your flight arrives later than the group and confirms the trip You need to travel according to the group to the city or tourist attraction that the faculty is in at that time. In this case there will be an additional cost. You only need to pay for all travel expenses yourself. In any case and the company reserves the right not to compensate or substitute If you do not tour the city or ask any tourist attraction in any case, because it is a fixed payment with all agents