New Zealand Queenstown Kaikoura 7 Days 5 Nights TATNZ7271

New Zealand Queenstown Kaikoura 7 Days 5 Nights TATNZ7271

Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Обеденный Религия и Дух National Park
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New Zealand Queenstown Kaikoura 7 Days 5 Nights TATNZ7271

 Southland, Новая Зеландия
АвиалинияQantas дыхательные пути
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  • Дата
    Bangkok – Sydney

    03:30 p.m. The group travels together at Suvarnabhumi Airport, 4th Floor, Gate No. 2, Row D, Qantas Airlines (QF) Counter, Welcome Officer and Travel Document Service
    06:10 p.m. Depart for Sydney, Australia. by flight QF024

  • Дата
    Sydney - Arrowtown - Queenstown

    07.30 a.m. Arrive at Sydney Airport. in order to change the device to New Zealand
    09.30 a.m. Departure to New Zealand by flight QF121
    02:30 p.m. Arrive in Queenstown. New Zealand After passing the immigration formalities
    Then take you to the city of Arrowtown, a lovely small town that makes many People fall in love with the charming bright colors and the preservation of the shops as well as the atmosphere of the gold mining era as much as possible. Tourists will come back to the history of this small town where it used to be rich before. and lead you to Queenstown If there is time for you to walk and shopping around the city. Queenstown is Queenstown's outdoor shopping hub. Known as “The Mall”, it has a wide variety of shops ranging from sheep products stores. Fashion clothes, artwork, souvenirs to many restaurants and cafes or anyone who is interested in taking a walk along Lake Wakatipu This is considered a recreational point for residents of Queenstown. It is like a courtyard for people's leisure activities. You can see musicians, musicians, actors, magic talents, tourists. etc. It is also the location of a passenger pier and many delicious restaurants.
    Dinner dinner menu Peking Duck
    Take you to the hotel NOVOTEL HOTEL QUEENSTOWN or equivalent 4*

  • Дата
    Steamboat cruise – Shearing show – Queen Town – Cable car ride to the top of the mountain + Luge Ready to eat an international buffet.

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel.
    Then take you to travel on an ancient steamer. Also known as the Lady Of The LAKE, this vintage steamboat was built in 1912. It has been a favorite of Queenstown residents and is still in use today. In the past, such ships were built to transport coal. But in the present day, it has been abandoned and used as a respected guide to take tourists on a natural cruise in Lake Wakatipu for a period of about 40 minutes. In cruising, you will experience the beautiful description and beautiful nature until Barely breathing If you want to hide inside the boat, there is a corner for you to sit on the piano on the boat that will be accompanied by a serenager throughout the journey. In addition, inside the ship there is also a small exhibition corner that tells the history of ship building from the past to the present.
    Noon: Have a BBQ lunch at a restaurant at Water Peak Farm.
    Then you can experience the life and living of rural people on a New Zealand sheep farm by watching a sheep dog show that helps the farmer. Watch a demonstration of traveling sheep shearing. Then bring you to experience the beauty and fall into the spell when you arrive in this city. A small town nestled in the midst of a large mountain range and located Lake Wakatipu (meaning monster in Maori) Another impressive view of the city is turquoise lake that reflects the beauty of the blue sky Queenstown Is another city that does not only have a romantic atmosphere but also has many activities such as shopping in the city Because it is the only city where the shops allow you to walk and shop. After that, take you up the gondola cable car to the top of Bob's Peak. Is a cable car that seats 4 people, the distance to the top of the mountain is 730 meters, you will experience the beauty of the whole city of Queenstown from a high angle where you will see the buildings. The houses built along the hillside with the beautiful Lake Wakatipu below overlooking the beautiful hilltops of the country. And allow you to play Luge (Luge) 2 rounds per person, which is a sled that uses the slope of the mountain stream to the bottom, ready for you to dance at the height of the mountain with beautiful views. It is popular with both young and old tourists.
    In the evening, enjoy a special an international buffet style. while taking in the beautiful views of Queenstown from the top of Bob's Peak
    Take you to the hotel NOVOTEL HOTEL QUEENSTOWN or equivalent 4*

  • Дата
    OPTIONAL TOUR - Wine Farm - Salmon Farm - Pukaki - Tekapo - Mouse Cook

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel.
    Take you to buy a tour outside the list for a speed boat ride, jet boat or bungee jumping.
    - Jet boat (JETBOAT, Optional tour) This speed boat is designed to run at high speed and turn 360 degrees with a driver with special expertise. Let everyone who ride the boat have the most excitement and fun that will never be forgotten and will be an impression of visiting this country.
    - Watch bungy jumping at Kawarau Bridge As the world's first bungee jump to open to tourists, this exciting activity has gained worldwide fame and is a must-do activity when visiting New Zealand. Jump from a 43m high bridge into the clear and turbulent water beneath the bridge. (Jet boat speedboat ride or bungee jumping are not included in the tour. Please contact the tour leader for prices. It is not possible to guarantee whether you can do it or not because it has not been made in advance and depends on the weather. Season or the number of bookings per day as well as the time that suits or the needs of the majority of the faculty. For those who ride in the same car but don't buy this tour, can walk, take pictures, buy souvenirs or drink at your own leisure)
    lead you to A well-known winery near Queenstown, GIBBSTON WINERY lets you sample wines produced in different years. Bring everyone to learn about the wine production process. Impressive history The wines here are of the highest quality. which cares since planting good grape varieties And kept with a stable climate and winetasting activities for you to compare the red car of each type of wine. To compare the differences in taste before deciding to buy it as a souvenir. There are many types of famous New Zealand wines that should not be missed in the purchase, such as SAUVIGNONBLANC, CHARDONNAY , PINOT NOIR etc.
    At noon, have a western style lunch at a restaurant in the winery.
    Then proceed to lake pukaki New Zealanders call it the MILLION DOLLAR VIEW because of its beauty, like a painting, with the high value of Lake Pukaki melting from the mountain ice. hard On the way, stop at Twizel Salmon Farm. Salmon farm with spectacular views Located south of Twizel, besides being a large salmon farm, there are also salmon-related products for sale. When it comes to New Zealand, salmon is another must-try. Then proceed to visit the famous lakes of New Zealand. Lake Tekapo Because the beauty of the best of the best on a vast area of about 83 square kilometers. Located about 700 meters above sea level, the water in the lake still has a turquoise color, which can be seen more clearly when the sunlight reflects on the water surface. It is the solutions and minerals that leach on the way down from the mountain peaks that give the lake its beautiful blue hue. On the other hand, Lake Tekapo is regarded as New Zealand's most beautiful lake. Then continue to Mouse Cook National Park.
    Take you to the HERMITAGE MT.COOK HOTEL (4 star level) or equivalent.
    In the evening, have a Western dinner at the hotel restaurant.

  • Дата
    Mouse Cook - Tekapo - Ashburton - Shopping - Christchurch - Sightseeing

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel.
    Take you to see the sheepdog monument "Sheepdog memorial" by the competition of local entrepreneurs and farmers in the area. There was a farmer's wife who designed a sculpture and sent it to be cast in brass in England. Before it was officially opened on March 7, 1968, because everyone was grateful that the vast area that had become the breadbasket of the villagers today has these collies helping to pioneer a place to live. For nearly 50 years, in the same area, you will see the Church of the Good Shepherd, the smallest church in New Zealand. At first glance, it looks like a cabin on Lake Tekapo. The corner that sits in a lonely building doesn't make this church lonely at all. Because throughout the day, there will be tourists driving to stop by to take photos as souvenirs without fail. The church was built with bricks that were put together to form a small church building. and is still open for religious ceremonies as in the past several years From the inside of the church when looking through the front, the beautiful view of the lake is very impressive. Head to Ashburton to visit Canterberry Meadows. The pinnacle of New Zealand's large agricultural area. It is also an important trading center for agricultural products of the South Island, of course, of course, that the people of this city have to make a living as a farmer. Especially the sheep farm here is no less than any other city in New Zealand. In addition to raising sheep as the main What Thai people like and are very popular are health-related products. Face and body care There are many shopping areas for everyone to choose from for beauty. This event can be bought for your own use and can be bought as a souvenir. The stuff here is nice to use and standardized.
    At noon, have a Chinese lunch at a restaurant.
    Travel to Christchurch The city was nicknamed "British cities outside the British Isles" because the architecture of buildings in this city is similar to England. It is a city that is modern and comfortable, but still maintains the beauty of nature flawlessly. It is another 1 in 10 cities that Voted by Lonely Planet magazine as one of the world's most liveable cities. Let everyone learn the history of natural heritage and the cultural beauty of New Zealand at Canterbury Museum See reproductions of prehistoric human and Maori lifestyles before the arrival of Europe. building a house in the city as well as natural resources and important wildlife of the country Then take everyone to take a walk to see the beautiful garden at botanical garden Founded in 1863, enjoy the beautiful rose garden and various flowers.
    In the evening, have a Thai dinner at a restaurant.
    Bring you to the hotel CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL or equivalent 4*

  • Дата
    Christchurch – Kaikoura – Whale Watching Cruise – Christchurch

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel.
    Take you to the north of the South Island to Kaikoura, a cute little town on the east coast. In the past, this city was the center of a whaling port from 1843-1922 and was also a prosperous city. Ideal for farming and raising sheep, Kaikoura is famous for its whale-watching tours. And also the first in New Zealand to offer whale watching tours. (Departure of a whale-watching boat depends on the weather. In case of storms or strong winds Unable to set sail The company will return the cruise for the price of the booked tour group. And for children under 4 years old are not allowed to board the boat for safety)
    At noon, have a Western-style lunch at a restaurant with a special lobster 1 per person.
    In the afternoon, take you on a large yacht with a capacity of 40-50 people to the middle of the sea to experience adventures. See giant sperm whales which is the most elegant animal in the world in nature up close You may encounter gray dolphins. A wide variety of seabirds, seals, and perhaps even a glimpse of the many species of whales that visit the shores. in some seasons as well (It takes about 2 hours to cruise), then return to Christchurch.
    In the evening, have a Chinese dinner at a restaurant specializing in South Sea Abalone.
    Take you to the CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL or equivalent.

  • Дата
    Christchurch - Sydney - Bangkok

    In the morning, have a boxed breakfast.
    04:00 a.m. Depart for Christchurch airport.
    06:00 a.m. Depart for Sydney by Qantas, flight QF138
    07:35 a.m. Arrive in Sydney. wait for replacement
    09.50 a.m. Depart for Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok by flight QF023.
    04:40 p.m. Return to Bangkok..... safely

Meals And Accommodation
CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL or equivalent
CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL or equivalent.
Правила и Условия
  • Full payment

  • Travelers must be fully vaccinated or have documentation showing their COVID-19 test results.

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  • Round-trip economy class airfare by Qantas Airlines

  • Hotel accommodation (two persons per room), transfer fees during the tour, entrance fees to various places according to the specified list

  • Food and beverage expenses as specified, all airport taxes that are available

  • New Zealand group visa fee included

  • The company's guide fee from Bangkok that facilitates you throughout your trip abroad.

  • Accident insurance coverage in the amount of 1,000,000 baht per person, only for those who travel back and forth with a group only (conditions are according to the insurance policy)

  • Airline fuel costs And airport taxes as of October 10, 2022, and the company reserves the right to adjust the price according to the fuel tax if the airline has an increase after this.

Пакет Исключить
  • Passport fee, permit fee for returning to the country of foreigners or aliens

  • In case additional documents are translated into English Document translation fees must be collected separately from visa fees.

  • Luggage allowance in case of exceeding the airline's limit (30 kg per person)

  • Personal expenses other than the specified items, such as beverages and additional meals ordered by yourself

  • Meals not mentioned in the itinerary, telephone charges, laundry charges, etc.

  • 7% VAT and 3% withholding tax

  • New Zealand driver gratuities are customarily $2 per day per person, but hotel porter gratuities are not included as porters should carry their own bags for a quick and easy trip. Because most hotels don't have enough porters.

  • Tour leader tips New Zealand's tradition should pay $3 per day per person.

  • There is no drinking water on the bus and no bags.

  • Internet is not included in the hotel since most hotels sell internet per hour.

  • Cancellation notice 90 days before departure, refund of total deposit 70,000.- baht.

  • Cancellation notice 75-89 days before departure, hold a deposit of 70,000.-baht

  • If a visa is denied from the embassy The company would like to hold all deposits.

  • In the event that tickets have been issued The company reserves the right to refund tickets.

  • Cancellation notice 1-74 days before departure, can not refund the entire tour due to the peak period. (festivals)

  • Cancellation on the day of travel or denied departure from Thailand or entry into New Zealand The company will not refund all.

  • If the visa is not approved before traveling Actual expenses are calculated on working days. If after this, all deposits are taken.

  • Each trip must have passengers of 15 persons or more. If the adult passenger is less than 15 persons, the company reserves the right to postpone the trip or change the price.

  • The company will not be responsible for tickets purchased by customers for connecting flights or travel expenses that will travel with us if the flight is delayed. or the number of travelers does not meet the number Group cannot travel

  • If you need a special meal Please inform us at the time of tour booking or at least 10 days prior to travel to inform the airline. In the seats on the plane, seats cannot be selected. The airline will arrange a group seat for you.

  • In the event that the customer already has a visa or has a card allowing entry-exit Countries without having to apply for a visa, such as ABEC cards, etc. The company will not be responsible or refund any expenses if not allowed to enter the country. because it is at the discretion of the immigration officer

  • In case of wanting to travel by business class (Business Class) or infant (Infant), please ask for additional prices from the company staff.

  • In the event that the ticket has been issued and the trip is cancelled. The ticket cannot be refunded (NO REFUND) because it is a group ticket condition of the airline.

  • For a triple room (Triple Room), there are few hotels in New Zealand and some hotels may have 2 double beds that can accommodate 3 people (2 Double beds) or it may be a room with 1 double bed and 1 extra bed (1 Double + 1 Extra bed) for 3 persons bedroom or some hotels in case of 3 persons / room, some hotels do not have 3 beds, customers have to pay for a single room.