Australia Brisbane Gold Coast 6 Days 4 Nights TATAU6668

Australia Brisbane Gold Coast 6 Days 4 Nights TATAU6668

Приключение Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Обеденный Религия и Дух Full Day Cruise
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Australia Brisbane Gold Coast 6 Days 4 Nights TATAU6668

 Queensland, Австралия
Авиалиниятайский дыхательные пути Международный
Период перемещения :
20 Сентябрь 2022 в 25 Сентябрь 2022
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USD 2,135
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Дата Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Отели
Bangkok - Brisbane -
Brisbane - Sightseeing - Tunkaluma TANGALOOMA RESORT or equivalent.
Tangalooma Resort - Brisbane - Gold Coast GOLD COAST VOCO HOTEL or a similar hotel.
Gold Coast - Native Zoo - MOVIE WORLD - Sydney SYDNEY TRAVELODGE HOTEL or another hotel of the same class.
Sydney - Bondi Beach - Sydney Harbor Cruise - Sydney SYDNEY TRAVELODGE HOTEL or equivalent.
Sydney - Bangkok -
Программа Тура
  • Bangkok - Brisbane
    21.00 hrs. Traveling together at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Floor 4, Entrance No. 2, Row D, Thai Airways (TG) counters, staff welcomes and provides travel documents.
  • Brisbane - Sightseeing - Tunkaluma
    00.01 hrs. Fly to Brisbane, Australia By TG TG3 flight
    11.50 hrs. Arrive at Brisbane City Airport. Premier city of Queensland After going through the immigration process and traveling to Brisbane city
    Noon, have lunch Chinese food at the restaurant.
    Take you to see Brisbane, the third largest city in the country. Located on the banks of the Brisbane River, as beautiful as a painting And is the largest city in Queensland that thrives from the tourism industry. Until receiving the nickname "State of relaxation" takes you to see South Bank Parkland, a park on the banks of the vast Brisbane River, filled with abundant tropical vegetation. Through the City Hall, you can see beautiful architecture. Through the city center, which is a shopping center called the Queen Street Mall, you can freely shop with products. Can be various at your leisure Take you to the pier and take a ferry to Morton Island Tungkuma Resort (before boarding, please separate your swimwear or shorts in a small carry-on bag if you want to feed dolphins. And a large bag will be delivered to the guest room) while traveling, allowing you to relax and enjoy the view from the boat. It takes approximately 75 minutes to travel to reach the Tanga Luma Wild Dolphin Resort, located in Morton Island, which is beautifully blended with nature and is the only resort on this island that has activities. Many things, both water and land You will be close to nature and experience the feeding of bottlenose dolphins that are naturally with your own hands. (Since dolphins live naturally, may not come to feed each day as much as tourists traveling or may not feed all of them.To feed dolphins, absolutely do not touch them.)
    Dinner. Buffet dinner at the restaurant.
    Bring you to the TANGALOOMA RESORT or equivalent.
  • Tangalooma Resort - Brisbane - Gold Coast
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Welcome a bright new morning by giving you the freedom to do many activities on this island. Whether playing water, playing tennis, beach volleyball Watch the Pelican Bird Feeding Be dazzled by the Pelikan birds that are hovering and waiting to receive food at the pier, where you can experience an exotic Or to purchase off-road tours that require contacting the tour leader in advance, ATV Quad Bike Tours, Whale Watching, Helicopter Joy Flight, Marine Discovery Cruise
    Noon, have a buffet lunch at the restaurant.
    Bring you to enjoy a 4WD ride (4WD cars are available in various sizes that can accommodate tourists from 6 people up to 22 people per car and may be combined with other tours. Time may change from day to day) through the forests and shrubs to the vast sand dunes that will allow you to dive into the sand dunes at SAND DUNES for you to try the sand board from the top of the steep dunes to the thrilling bottom. Until getting the time by ferry from Morton Island It takes 75 minutes by boat to get to Brisbane Harbor. From there, travel to Gold Coast, Queensland's most popular seaside resort with 70 kilometers of golden sand. This is where many Aussie people sunbathe and surf. In addition, the Gold Coast is also a favorite among shoppers. Because the shop is open until 10 PM every day
    Dinner dinner Buffet style, fresh and unlimited seafood
    Take you to GOLD COAST VOCO HOTEL or a similar hotel.
  • Gold Coast - Native Zoo - MOVIE WORLD - Sydney
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    From there, travel to Gold Coast, Queensland's most popular seaside resort with 70 kilometers of golden sand. This is where many Aussie people sunbathe and surf. In addition, the Gold Coast is also a favorite among shoppers. Because the shop is open until 10 PM every day, bringing you to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the outskirts of the Gold Coast, just south of the Surfers Paradise. It is home to rare Australian wildlife. You will be able to experience these animals closely during the tour. The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is under the control of the National Trust, which has a large number of beautiful colored parrots and is home to many native animals. See the nature and the cuteness of various native animals such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats for you to experience and take pictures with the little koalas up close. Have fun feeding the kangaroos from your own hands.
    Noon, have a buffet lunch.
    Take you to the movie world of Warner Brothers, allowing you to see the theater that is a world of imagination from visitors from many countries. Experience the characters of famous cinemas. Take you on a train to watch famous movie shooting techniques such as Superman Batman, watch Stuntman's performance in Polit Chit, Busy, etc., striking the shoulders of famous stars such as Looney Tunes, Buck Bunny, Sakon Rabbit. Watch Batman in three-dimensional movies in a hi-tech cinema from Hollywood. Rafting, looking for Buck Bunny and riding a Batman car in GOTHAM or riding a thrilling roller coaster Don't miss this new show. The HOLLY WOOD STUNT DRIVER is an exciting performance. Extreme motorbike racing and driving through walls and obstacles with realistic SPECIAL EFFECT, a realistic simulation of the HOLLY WOOD movie. Don't miss the parade of WARNER BROTHER cartoon characters such as Buck Bunny Scoopy. Under a transparent roof, not hot and wet, the SCOOPY DOO SPOOKY rollercoaster stunts take you to land in the space world. Find fun adventures. It is impressive. BAT WING is a player that is up to 60 meters high, bringing you up to see the scenery of MOVIE WORLD before experiencing the excitement and Be thrilled by dropping to the ground with a 90 degree slope and a fun impression Then take you on a journey to Brisbane Domestic Airport
    ........ Departure to Sydney by flying the Cantas Airways flight at .....
    ....... arrive at the Kingford Airport, Sydney, Sydney
    Dinner. Dinner. Chinese food at the restaurant.
    Take you to SYDNEY TRAVELODGE HOTEL or another hotel of the same class.
  • Sydney - Bondi Beach - Sydney Harbor Cruise - Sydney
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Take you to see Sydney. By going through Bondi Beach Beaches that Aussie young people like to relax on holidays or evening in the atmosphere in the wind. Fresh sunshine Popular surf This beach is also a path for marathons and beach volleyball when the Olympics in 2000 through the house of the rich on the hill. Stop at the viewpoint on the cliffs for a beautiful view of Sydney Harbor. And the beautiful Pacific Ocean Stop at The Kep Another beautiful viewpoint where you can see the beautiful sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean. And the beauty of the estuary, the entrance to Sydney by boat In this area, it was also a place for artillery fire against enemies entering the ship in time of war. The Stone Horse of Mrs. Macquarie The favorite stone bench of New South Wales' first governor's wife Which is a sandstone horse at the far end of the park The front is beautiful Sydney Harbor. In addition, above the park is a beautiful photo spot where you can take pictures to see the opera house. House and Harbor Bridge are a symbol of Sydney. Stop by the shop to buy local products as souvenirs. Such as skin care creams Or souvenirs such as koalas or kangaroos key chains
    Noon, have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    Sydney Harbor Cruise To see the OPERA HOUSE, a distinctive building with a stacked boat roof that is unique in contemporary architecture that made Australia famous. Designed by Danish architect Yon Usong With a construction budget of over a hundred million dollars The construction took 14 years and UNESCO registered as the Emerald World in 2007. It consists of a concert hall, a theater, and a movie room. And many restaurants During the cruise you can still take pictures with the Harbor Bridge. Which connects Sydney on the north with Sydney. Stretches beautifully in the middle of Sydney Harbor and makes walking into Sydney more convenient Watch the sailboats that Aussie bring out to the bay. Show off the beauty in this bay. From there, travel back to Sydney. Allow you to freely shop in the city center. Or shop for lots of goods from the famous Queen Victoria Building (Q.V.B). It has been beautifully renovated and decorated. It is locally known as the QVB building, located on George Street between Market Street and Park Road, a four-story shopping building. There are fashion products, jewelery, household goods, and even flowers. You can travel underground to Center Point to buy many famous brands.
    Dinner. Dinner at a Thai restaurant. Take you to SYDNEY TRAVELODGE HOTEL or equivalent.
  • Sydney - Bangkok
    Morning pick up the food from the hotel.
    06.20 hrs. Bringing you to travel to King's Smith Airport, Sydney to return
    10.00 hrs. Departure to Bangkok by flight TG476
    16.20 hrs. Arrive in Bangkok ..... By Hello
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Full payment

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  • The economy class round trip air ticket by Thai Airways (TG) and the domestic airline As specified in the list

  • Accommodation fee (Two persons per room), round-trip shuttle bus fees, entrance fees to various locations According to the specified list

  • Food and beverages as listed, list of all airport taxes, visa fees to enter Australia.

  • Company guide fees from Bangkok that are convenient for you throughout your travel abroad.

  • Travel insurance, including accident and medical expenses overseas, is covered in the amount of 1,000,000 baht per person.

  • For those traveling with a group from Thailand During the travel period with the tour only

  • Fuel prices from airlines as of January 1, 2020 and the company reserves the right to adjust prices according to fuel taxes. If the airlines change gas tax after this

  • Australian visa fees for Thai people

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  • Passport fees, licensing fees for returning to foreign countries or foreigners

  • Luggage weight value in the case of exceeding the stipulated airlines should prepare 23 kilograms. Thai Airways (inter) is allowed to load 30 kilograms of luggage per person and fly within Qantas. Get 23 kg per person and a small carry-on bag not exceeding 7 kg.

  • Personal expenses other than the specified items, such as beverages and food that is ordered by yourself.

  • Food costs that are not specified in the list, telephone costs, laundry fees, etc.

  • 7% VAT and 3% withholding tax

  • Tip of the tour leader Traditionally, it is worth paying 3 dollars per day per person (on average 18 Australian dollars).

  • Tips for the driver Traditionally, it is worth paying 3 dollars per day per person (on average 15 Australian dollars).

  • Most hotels do not have a porter. Customers should lift the luggage by themselves for speed and convenience in traveling.

  • No drinking water is distributed in the car. Do not give away bags

  • Does not include internet access in the hotel. Because in Australia Most of them will be sold on the internet for hours.

  • Cancellation 60 days before departure. Refund deposit 30,000.- baht.

  • Cancellation 30-50 days before departure, confiscate all deposits 30,000.- baht

  • In the event that a visa is denied by the embassy The company requests to confiscate all deposits.

  • In the case of the ticket being issued The company reserves the right to refund the ticket price.

  • Cancellations 1-29 days in advance before the tour is not refundable for all tours due to being peak. (New year festival)

  • Cancellation on the day of departure Or denied to leave Thailand Or entry into Australia The company will not provide a full refund.

  • The list may change as appropriate, if caused by delays by airlines or overseas hotels. Political events and natural disasters or traffic jams or road closures during tours, etc. The company will consider the convenience and safety of travelers as a priority.

  • The company will not be responsible if the Immigration Division prohibits travelers leaving or entering the country. Because there is something illegal or prohibited to import into the country

  • The company is not responsible and does not refund you, regardless of the total or partial amount. If immigration officials prohibit travelers leaving or entering the country