Australia Sydney Blue Mountain 5 Days 3 Nights TATAU6649

Australia Sydney Blue Mountain 5 Days 3 Nights TATAU6649

Приключение Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Обеденный Религия и Дух Free Day National Park Direct Flight Cruise
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Australia Sydney Blue Mountain 5 Days 3 Nights TATAU6649

 New South Wales, Австралия
АвиалинияQantas дыхательные пути
Период перемещения :
11 Апр 2022 в 15 Апр 2022
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Дата Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Отели
Bangkok - Sydney -
Sydney - Sightseeing Sydney - Sydney Harbor Sightseeing - Shopping SYDNEY TRAVELODGE accommodation or equivalent.
Sydney - Blue Mountain National Park - Native Zoo - Sydney SYDNEY TRAVELODGE accommodation or equivalent.
Sydney - Free shopping or choose to buy a tour outside the program as you like. SYDNEY TRAVELODGE accommodation or equivalent.
Sydney - Bangkok -
Программа Тура
  • Bangkok - Sydney
    15.00 hrs. Traveling together at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Floor 4, Entrance No. 6, Line N, Qantas Airways (QF) counter, staff welcomes and provides travel documents.
    18.10 hrs. Departure to Sydney by flight QF024.
  • Sydney - Sightseeing Sydney - Sydney Harbor Sightseeing - Shopping
    06.30 hrs. Arrive at Kingford Airport, Smith, Sydney, Australia After going through immigration formalities Take you to see Sydney. By going through Bondi Beach The beach is popular with young Aussie people for a holiday or evening in the midst of the fresh breeze of the sun. This sandy beach also serves as a marathon and beach volleyball route during the 2000 Olympic Games. View the house of the rich on the hill. Stop at the viewpoint on the cliffs for a beautiful view of Sydney Harbor. And the beautiful Pacific Ocean Stop at The Kep Another beautiful viewpoint where you can see the beautiful sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean. And the beauty of the estuary, the entrance to Sydney by boat In this area, it was also a place for artillery fire against enemies entering the ship in time of war. The stone of Mrs. Macquarie The favorite stone bench of New South Wales' first governor's wife Which is a sandstone horse at the far end of the park in front of beautiful Sydney Harbor In addition, above the park is also a photo spot that Beautiful that you will take pictures to see the opera house House and Harbor Bridge are a symbol of Sydney.
    Noon, have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    Bring you a boat to see the beauty in Sydney Harbor. To see the OPERA HOUSE, a distinctive building with a stacked boat roof that is unique in contemporary architecture that made Australia famous. Designed by Danish architect Yon Usong With a construction budget of over a hundred million dollars The construction took 14 years and UNESCO was registered as the Emerald World in 2007. It consists of a concert hall, a theater. And movie room And many restaurants During the cruise you can still take pictures with the Harbor Bridge. Which connects Sydney on the north with Sydney. Stretches beautifully in the middle of Sydney Harbor and makes walking into Sydney more convenient Watch the sailboats taken out by Aussie cruises on the bay to show off the beauty of this bay. Then allow you to freely shop in the city center. Or shop for lots of goods from the famous Queen Victoria Building (Q.V.B). It has been beautifully renovated and decorated. It is locally known as the QVB building, located on George Street between Market Street and Park Road, a four-story shopping building. There are fashion products, jewelery, household goods, and even flowers. You can travel underground to Center Point to buy many famous brands.
    Dinner. Dinner. Chinese food at the restaurant.
    Bring you to SYDNEY TRAVELODGE accommodation or equivalent.
  • Sydney - Blue Mountain National Park - Native Zoo - Sydney
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Take you to travel to Blue Mountain National Park Admire the beautiful scenery on the vast land and valleys that are home to a variety of birds. Animals can live naturally and are full of eucalyptus trees, looking at the distance in blue on the vast valleys. Pass through a small town in the middle of a valley called KATOOMBA. Then watch the Three Tree Hill (THREE SISTERS ROCK), a strange three-shaped stone platform formed by rain and wind blowing, resulting in the sad legend of giant girl Ab. The three origins that were cursed into three stones make this valley even more beautiful. Then take you to SCENIC WORLD, a company that provides cable car and tram down the valley, allowing you to see Khao Sam Anong beautifully. Even more Take you to an electric tram (KATOOMBA SCENIC RAILWAY), which was modified from the old coal truck with a slope of 45 degrees, running through the steep canyon to the bottom of the valley with excitement and thrills. Then allow you to walk nature through the beautifully arranged wood under the valley. See rainforests and old-fashioned coal mining models. Then take the SCENIC CABLEWAY cable car from the bottom of the valley to the top, while admiring the beauty of the blue valley below where you can also see the top of Sam Anong Mountain in different angles.
    Noon, have lunch Local food
    Take you to KOALA PARK SANCTUARY Native Zoo. Enjoy the nature and the cuteness of various native animals such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats for you to experience and take pictures with the little koala closely. Have fun feeding the kangaroos from your own hands. Refreshing and relaxing with a shady atmosphere. On over 10 acres of lush tropical forest From there, travel back to Sydney. Stop by to shop for local goods as souvenirs such as skin creams or souvenirs such as koalas or kangaroos.
    Dinner. Dinner at a Thai restaurant.
    Bring you to SYDNEY TRAVELODGE accommodation or equivalent.
  • Sydney - Free shopping or choose to buy a tour outside the program as you like.
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Suggested tourist attractions that are not included in the following tour fees Please reserve or inform the staff or tour leader ahead of time before traveling.
    The SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium has an entrance fee of $ 40 for adults and $ 28 for children (not including travel fees). See Australia's largest underwater world, enter underwater tunnels and see colorful fish that simulate the lives of fish from Under the sea See giant stingrays, sharks and the cuteness of clownfish See some cute seals, some swim, sunbathe.
    WILDLIFE Sydney Zoo Indigenous Zoo Admission fee is $ 40 for adults and $ 28 for children (not including travel fees). The native zoo is located in the Darling Harbor area of ​​Sydney Harbor. Walking Convenient entrance You can see kangaroos, wombats, koalas, desert gila, crocodiles, Australian birds and many beautiful butterflies in an Aboriginal Australian Aboriginal atmosphere.
    (Lunch and dinner at your leisure) or you can freely shop or see Sydney at your leisure.
    Bring you to SYDNEY TRAVELODGE accommodation or equivalent.
  • Sydney - Bangkok
    Morning Get a box breakfast from the hotel.
    06.30 hrs. Travel to King's Smith Airport, Sydney to return
    09.50 hrs. Departure to Bangkok by flight QF023.
    16.40 hrs. Arrive to Bangkok ..... Safely
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