Vietnam Hanoi Fansipan Tam Coc Cruise 4 Days 3 Nights TATVN 7537

Vietnam Hanoi Fansipan Tam Coc Cruise 4 Days 3 Nights TATVN 7537

Приключение Семейная Забава Роман Шоппинг Temple National Park Full Day 4 Stars Hotel Direct Flight
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Vietnam Hanoi Fansipan Tam Coc Cruise 4 Days 3 Nights TATVN 7537

 Ханой, Вьетнам
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Период перемещения :
20 Октябрь 2023 в 23 Октябрь 2023
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USD 574
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  • Дата
    Don Mueang Bangkok • Noi Bai Airport Vietnam • Lao Cai • Sapa • Sapa Rock Church • Sapa Lake • Shopping Night Market

    03.30 am. Together at Don Mueang Airport, Departure Terminal 1, Floor 3, Gate 1, Counter of Thai Air Asia, Thai Air Asia (FD), with staff facilitating everyone.
    06.40 a.m. Departure for Hanoi by flight FD642 (not including food + beverages on the return flight)
    08.00 a.m. Arrive at Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, has completed the immigration formalities. (local time in Vietnam equal to Thailand)
    In the morning, breakfast is served at the restaurant (Vietnamese Pho).
    Travel to Lao Cai Province by express route from Hanoi, a distance of more than 245 kilometers. Sapa town is a district located in Lao Cai province. With a distance of about 40 kilometers (approximate travel time 5 hours), located about 1500 meters above sea level.
    Noon Lunch served at the restaurant
    Take you to see Sapa Stone Church. built by the French A large number of French people originally lived in the city. Causing this church to be built to allow the French to attend mass in the church stop But nowadays, this church has been preserved as a memorial and is also another tourist attraction that is very beautiful in Sapa. Then you visit Sapa Lake, which is a lake located in the middle of the city. Sapa Vast and calm waters At night, there is a beautiful light up. which is surrounded by European-influenced architecture houses The colorful houses lined up reflected in lake water The background is a mountain range alternating. Resulting in a beautiful view that is true to the famous Switzerland and Vietnam.
    In the evening, dinner service at the restaurant, special menu, salmon hot pot shabu + Dalat red wine.
    Bringing you shopping at Nice Market for you to choose to buy souvenirs and souvenirs as many as you like.
    It's worth the time to bring you to accommodation SAPA CHARM 4* or equivalent to Vietnamese standards.
    (The hotels listed in the tour program are only the hotels presented as a preliminary. (This may change but the hotel staying will be the hotel of the same level.)

  • Дата
    Sapa • Tram Ride to Fansipan Cable Car • Moana Sapa • Cat Cat Hill Tribe Village

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    lead you to The highest view point in Sapa See the panoramic view of Sapa town surrounded by mountains And these mountains have stretched from Yunnan Province in China. and will have the highest peak among the other peaks This is the Fansipan of the Wanglian Sen Mountains. It is considered the highest peak in Indochina, reaching a height of 3,143 meters. See the panoramic view of Sapa town, then take you on the newest tram from Sapa station to the cable car station to climb Mount Fan. The distance of about 2 kilometers, you will experience the beauty of nature on both sides of the road. Bringing you up to Fansipan, the highest peak of Vietnam and in the Indochina region, 3,143 meters high, until it was said that “The Roof of Indochina” is the highest mountain in Indochina at an altitude of 3,143 meters above sea level and has extremely high biodiversity. The forest is still intact and beautiful. To the top of this mountain is not comfortable at all. because the condition of the path is quite steep Only trekkers from around the world choose it as a destination to test their willpower and appreciate the beauty of the tropical forests of Asia. (This price includes the tram from the bottom to the cable car lift point)
    Note : Fansipan cable car may be closed for maintenance which will be notified in advance. The company will refund the cable car fee at the event, 1,000 baht per person in case you do not board the Fansipan cable car.
    Note : From the cable car to the Fansipan peak There are two routes to get to the top: either walking up the stairs to the top of Fansipan Peak or taking a small tram up and back. There will be an additional fee of about 300 baht/person to the top of Fansipan (if anyone wants to take the tram, you can inform the staff at the venue).
    Then take you to Moana (Moana Sapa Cafe), the new check-in point of Sapa, similar to the gate of paradise in Bali. Let you take chic photos with cute angles. which when looking behind you will see a beautiful mountain view There are also drinks for sale. Let you be free with the most satisfying atmosphere.
    Noon Lunch served at the restaurant
    Take you to travel to Cat Cat Village, a village of the Black Hmong hill tribe. Observe the way of life of the hill tribes in this village and admire the beautiful terraced rice fields as far as the eye can see. and when you walk down to the bottom of the village will experience the beauty of the waterfall among the villages as well
    Evening dinner service at the restaurant
    Then bring you to the accommodation SAPA CHARM 4* or equivalent to Vietnamese standards.
    (The hotels listed in the tour program are only the hotels presented as a preliminary. (This may change but the hotel staying will be the hotel of the same level.)

  • Дата
    Hanoi • Bamboo Shop • Ba Dinh Square • Hanoi Church • Lake of the Returned Sword • Sunlight Bridge • Ngoc Xin Wan • 36 Streets

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    take you to the city Hanoi travel by air-conditioned coach (about 5 hours), you can enjoy the natural atmosphere on both sides of the road and the way of life of the Vietnamese people, then take you to the jade and bamboo pulp shop.
    Noon Lunch service at the restaurant.
    Then take you to see Ba Dinh Square. It is the famous square of Hanoi. It is of historical importance that Vietnam's first president read the Declaration of Independence here on September 2, 1945, after World War II. and is the location of various government offices and ministries Including the Ho Chi Minh Memorial Take you to see the Hanoi Church, another important place in Vietnam, take you. Watch the lake return the sword. Lake in the heart of Hanoi Legend has it that this lake In the time when Vietnam was at war with China The King of Vietnam has been at war for a long time. But still unable to defeat the soldiers from China once causing discouragement when coming to cruise on this lake There was a large turtle carrying a magic sword for him. to go to war with China after he received the sword He returned to war again. and gained victory over China. make the country peaceful When the war is over He returned the sword to this lake and then brought him across the solar bridge. Bright red to the middle of the lake returns to the sword, visit Ngoc Son Temple, an ancient temple, inside consists of an ancient shrine and a large staff turtle, which is believed to be one of the two sacred turtles that live in the lake of This has been a long time bringing you independent shopping on 36 streets. There are many cheap products for you to choose from. Bags, clothes, shoes, souvenirs, etc.
    Evening dinner service at the restaurant
    Then take you to the accommodation NESTA HOTEL 4* or equivalent. Vietnam Standard
    (The hotels listed in the tour program are only the hotels presented as a preliminary. (This may change but the hotel staying will be the hotel of the same level.)

  • Дата
    Ninh Binh • Tam Kok Cruise • Hanoi • Don Mueang Bangkok

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Then take you on a boat cruise. Tam Coc means three caves. According to legend, this cave was carefully built by wind and tides When the sea was still flooded Which still have water stains appearing as evidence. Board a rowing boat down the Hoang Long River. At the beginning of the journey, you will see the scenery. Mountains on both banks of a river that is several kilometers long. The images that appear during the journey are like
    “China's Guilin” Enjoy a ride on a basket boat. cruise through the water On both sides of the road are rice fields. During the harvest season, there will be farmers and farmers to see with pleasure. interspersed with the scenery of small and large mountains complex as a three-dimensional image
    Noon Lunch service at the restaurant.
    Bring you back to Hanoi (takes about 2 hours). 
    ** Banh Mi bread service is a Vietnamese dish or Vietnamese sandwich **
    It's time to take you on a journey to Noi Bai International Airport
    08.50 p.m. Depart for Don Mueang Airport. by Thai Air Asia Thai Air Asia (FD)
    Flight FD 645
    10.40 p.m. Arrive in Bangkok safely. with an unforgettable impression

Meals And Accommodation
SAPA CHARM or equivalent
SAPA CHARM 4* or equivalent
NESTA HOTEL or equivalent
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