Thailand Nan Doisamerdao 4 Days 2 Nights TATTH6885

Thailand Nan Doisamerdao 4 Days 2 Nights TATTH6885

Приключение Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Обеденный Религия и Дух Temple National Park
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Thailand Nan Doisamerdao 4 Days 2 Nights TATTH6885

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  • Дата
    Bangkok - Na Noi District, Nan Province

    19.30 Meeting point, Big C Extra, Ladprao Soi 7, depart with New VIP air-conditioned vans heading to Si Nan National Park, Na Noi District, Nan Province
    20.00 hrs. Wheel spins. If you come too late, you will miss the trip and cannot claim any damages at all.

  • Дата
    Si Nan National Park - Doi Samer Dao - Pha Hua Sing - Sao Din Na Noi - Wat Bo Kaeo - Nan City Pillar Shrine - Wat Ming Mueang - Murals of Wat Phumin - Wat Phra That Chang Kham Worawihan - Nan National Museum - Wat Si Pan Ton - Aunt Nim's Dessert Shop

    05.30 Arrive at Sri Nan National Park Watch the sea of ​​mist and the sunrise at Doi Samer Dao. You can also see Pha Hua Sing at the same time.
    07.30 Free breakfast at Doi Samer Dao
    Travel to Na Noi District, visit Sao Din Na Noi, take about half an hour to take photos. Sao Din Na Noi is caused by natural erosion. Cleft into various shapes Look and look beautiful
    10.00 am. Take you to Wat Bo Kaeo, inside the temple there is Phra That Bo Kaeo. Sacred things of the city of Na District
    Ten thousand. The uniqueness is that it is a temple built with Lanna style art. The whole Ubosot is white, beautifully decorated with stucco carving patterns decorated with various colored glass. Behind the temple, you can see the view of the green rice fields. Freedom for you to pray and take pictures of the beauty as you wish Then take you on a journey into Nan Province
    take you on a journey to worship Nan City Pillar Shrine And see the splendor of Wat Ming Muang, which has an ivory white stucco viharn, outstandingly beautiful.
    At noon, have lunch (1) at a restaurant.
    Take you to see the murals of Wat Phumin, a temple built in the form of a porch, the only one in Thailand that looks like it sits on the back of 2 serpents, the church and the viharn, built as the same building, wooden doors in all 4 directions, beautifully carved in patterns. by skilled craftsmen in the city, take you to see Wat Phra That Chang Kham Worawihan (Phra Aram Luang) is an art in the Sukhothai period. It is over 600 years old, followed by the Nan National Museum, which has "black ivory", an important antique artifact of Nan. Take you to Sri Panton Temple to see the golden church.
    Wat Si Phan Ton was built by Phaya Phan Ton, the ruler of Nan of the Phu Kha dynasty. (Occupying Nan between 1960-1969). The name of the temple corresponds to the name of the creator, which is Phaya Phan Ton, sometimes called Wat Sali Phan Ton (the word Sali means Bodhi Tree), which in the past had a large Bodhi tree. On the north and south sides of the current temple was cut down to cut into a road and Wat Si Phan Ton received Wisung Kham Seema in the year B.E. 1962. Inside the temple, there is a beautiful viharn standing majestically with glittering gold. It is another temple in Nan province that has beautiful stucco paintings, especially the seven-headed naga guarding the stairs in front of the viharn. The golden temple is glittering, beautiful, beautiful, very beautiful. It looks gentle and lively which was sculpted by a Nan artist named Anurak Somsak or "Sala Rong". Inside the viharn there are line drawings depicting the history of the Lord Buddha and the history of Nan's birth by Nan craftsmen. The natural color is beautiful and very valuable. Then take you to taste the famous dessert shop in Nan. Auntie Nim's Sweet Shop
    **Excluding food and beverages** Take you to check in to the hotel.
    In the evening, take you up to see the view of Nan city. Wat Phra That Khao Noi
    Wat Phra That Khao Noi which is an important and ancient precursor It is assumed that it is the same age as Phra That Chae Haeng. Occupying a cement courtyard, a large Buddha image in a posture of posture, namely Phra Phuttha Maha Uttamongkol Nanthaburi, Si Mueang Nan It is the only point where Nan can be seen from a bird's eye view. Then take you to the Walking Street (available only in certain periods) for you to shop for souvenirs at your own leisure.
    21.00 hrs. It's time to make an appointment, bring back to the hotel, rest at your leisure

  • Дата
    Phra That Chae Haeng – The [email protected] Muang – Road No. 3 - Bo Kluea District - Sin Thao Salt Boiler - Doi Phu Kha National Park - Pua District - Lamduan Restaurant - Phuket Temple - Sri Mongkol Temple

    07.00 a.m. Have breakfast (2) at the hotel's restaurant.
    lead you to worship Phra That Chae Haeng holy place The people of Nan for a long time It is a relic of the year of the Rabbit. according to the zodiac year of the Lanna people Stop for a coffee and see the view at The View @ Kew Muang good view coffee shop There are beautiful views overlooking the green mountains. Combined with the decoration of the Lanna style restaurant that matches the nature, The View @ Kew Muang It has become a coffee shop for resting along the way that many people like to sit and rest. have a drink See the beautiful atmosphere ready to breathe fresh air Excellent refreshing
    Stop at a photogenic point with a new check-in point in Nan Province, “Curve No. 3”, then take you to Bo Kluea District. that still uses the ancient method of boiling for hundreds of years
    Noon, free lunch at your leisure
    then travel Doi Phu Kha National Park See rare plants such as Chompoo Phu Kha (flowering during Jan.-Mar.), giant abandoned turtle trees. It is an endemic plant of Doi Phu Kha. It is a single trunk palm, about 40 meters high. There is also a Kuam Phu Kha, a rare plant in the same circle as the maple.
    Afternoon, then take you to Pua District. Take you to check in to the accommodation.
    Take you to shopping at Lamduan shop, Pua weaving, souvenir shop and Tai Lue weaving, woven fabric with ancient patterns, famous in Pua, Pua District is considered to be the district with the most Tai Lue people. tradition and Culture is its own, especially in regards to folk dress. including Tai Lue woven cloth It is one of the unique characteristics of this district. Most of the woven fabrics, once woven, are sold as products after shopping. Lead the group to walk to the area behind Lamduan Cloth Shop. which is the location of Ban Tai Lue Coffee Shop The overall atmosphere of the shop is decorated in the style of the Tai Lue and Lanna community. Feel the chill atmosphere. Sit and look at the rice fields, look at the mountains, sip coffee in a local style that gives a different feel from the old coffee shops we have seen before. and contemporary 3D paintings showing local culture and traditions and pictures of the Buddha's history are exquisitely beautiful and the highlight of Phuket Temple is Observation deck in front of the chapel You will see the fields in a wide angle. And with Doi Phu Kha National Park in the background, Phuket Temple was named after the village of Ket. but because it is a temple located on a high hill Hence the name "Wat Phuket" means Wat Ban Ket on the mountain. It is another beautiful tourist attraction in Nan Province. There is an applied Lanna style ordination hall. three dimensional wall painting enshrined "Luang Por Saen Pua or Luang Pho Phuttha Metta" that is sacred Below the temple there is a river flowing through it. Tourists can feed from the yard upstairs through pipes that run down to the schools of fish. and can clearly see the schools of fish below Take you to Sri Mongkhon Temple (Kong) to pay respect to the Buddha image for good luck. Visit the Mongkhon Thammarangsi Museum Applied Lanna Thai house, sipping coffee, enjoying views of Doi Phu Kha and green rice fields. Have fun with a chic photo corner. Wat Si Mongkhon (Kong) is an old temple that has been granted Wisung Khamsi since the year B.E. 1852 The most famous monk of this temple is Reverend Grandfather Kong behind the temple has a viewing deck which has a beautiful view overlooking the verdant rice fields and mountains of Doi Phu Kha lined. Complicated by the observation deck area, the temple has been made into kiosks and viewpoints for taking pictures at many points, including coffee shops. Thai atmosphere to relax inside the temple, there are interesting things including Viharn Luang with beautiful murals. By imitating the paintings of Nan Bua Pan, a Nan painter of Tai Lue descent, who painted murals at Phumin Temple and the temple. Nong Bua of Nan Province, as well as the Mongkhon Thammarangsi Museum, which combines various antiques to see There is also the Mongkhon Dhamma Residency Museum, Thai Lanna Houses, applied all golden teak housings that are majestic as seen from afar. Various utensils in ancient times were presented for viewing, such as the equipment used to make a living of the ancient people, birth certificates or birth certificates engraved in palm leaves, including various silverware. There is also a picture of Luang Pu Kruba, Wat Kong and a monk named as various
    18.00 Dinner (3) at the restaurant
    After meals, relax at your leisure.

  • Дата
    Doi Sakad - Tai Lue Community - Mueang Nan District - Phra That Cho Hae - Bangkok

    07.00 a.m. Have breakfast (4) at the hotel's restaurant.
    Take you to Doi Sakad, a famous mountain in the field of Miang planting. Good place to grow mangos in Nan. This mountain is inhabited by the Lua hill tribe people who have a simple lifestyle. And most importantly, there is still the purity of nature. quiet atmosphere Suitable for relaxing, charging the battery, refreshing the body to recover from fatigue.
    08.30 hrs. Take you to Tai Lue Community, Ban Nong Bua to see beautiful and ancient Tai Lue murals inside. Viharn of Wat Nong Bua and buy famous local woven fabrics
    At noon, have lunch (5) at a restaurant.
    Take you on a journey to Phrae, stop by to worship Phra That Cho Hae, the relic of the year of the Tiger.
    Evening, independent dinner at Baan Tian Hom, Uttaradit
    Travel back to Bangkok to Bangkok with impressions.

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3-star accommodation or equivalent
3-star accommodation or equivalent
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