Thalland Kanchanaburi Sangklaburi 3 Days 2 Nights TATTH7350

Thalland Kanchanaburi Sangklaburi 3 Days 2 Nights TATTH7350

Приключение Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Обеденный Религия и Дух Temple Full Day
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Thalland Kanchanaburi Sangklaburi 3 Days 2 Nights TATTH7350

 Канчанабури, Таиланд
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  • Дата
    Bangkok - Thong Pha Phum - Sangkhla Buri - Wat Wang Wiwekaram

    6:00 a.m. The group together at the meeting point (parking spot, The Bazaar, Ratchadapisek, Ratchada-Ladprao intersection, Phra Shiva courtyard), with staff waiting to welcome you. For travel safety and to meet SHA standards, the staff will check the customer's temperature for screening before getting into the car. On the bus, there will be alcohol gel to wash your hands. and distance from sitting in the car
    In the morning, have breakfast SET BOX (meal 1).
    06.30 a.m. Depart for Kanchanaburi
    11.30 am. Thong Pha Phum District
    Lunch (2nd meal)
    Take you to visit Wat Wang Wiwekaram or Wat Luang Pho Uttama. It is considered the spiritual center of ethnic people living in Sangkhla Buri District, including Thais, Karen people, and especially Thais of Mon descent. with the reverence and faith of Reverend Father Uttama as "God of the Mon People" Wat Wang Wiwekaram Born from the power of faith towards Luang Pho And it is also the temple where Luang Pho Uttama used to stay in the Buddhist Lent. This temple is like a representative of Luang Por. and is a sacred place for the Mon people in the rituals according to the Mon tradition
    Evening meal (3rd meal)
    The accommodation takes you to the P. Guest House accommodation or equivalent in Sangkhlaburi.
    Please note that the local property cannot specify bed type.

  • Дата
    Giving alms to monks at Mon Bridge - Boat trip at Old City Temple - Kroeng Krawiang Waterfall - Thong Pha Phum - Wicharalongkorn Dam - E Tong Village

    06.00 AM Offering alms to monks in the morning at the Mon Bridge (the longest wooden bridge in Thailand), experience the charm of Sangkhlaburi and the Thai-Mon way of life. You can join in dressing up in Mon people to offer food to monks and taking beautiful pictures of the Mon Bridge. (There is a rental service at the food shop offering food or buying souvenirs at the shop on the way to the bridge. There are many shops to choose from)
    In the morning, have breakfast at the accommodation (4th meal).
    9:00 a.m. Take you on a cruise on the old city temple and the bell tower of the underground city (Drowning Church) "Wat Wang Wiwekaram" (old) or "Wat Luang Pho Uttama" is a temple that Luang Pho Uttama together with Karen and Mon immigrant villagers They were jointly built in the year 1953 at Ban Wang Klang. Sangkhlaburi District Kanchanaburi close to the Thai-Myanmar border It is about 220 kilometers from Mueang Kanchanaburi District. which when collecting water The water in Khao Laem Dam will flood the old Sangkhla Buri District including this temple. Therefore moved the temple to be on the hill The old temple has been submerged for ten years. Only the ruins of temples and houses remained. At present, the old Ubosot that was submerged under water has become a well-known tourist destination which when the water level recedes The whole underground city will reveal the beauty of the ancient site.
    10.30 a.m. Take you to Thong Pha Phum District. On the way, take you to see Kroeng Krawiang Waterfall In the area of Khao Laem National Park. It is a small waterfall, about 5 meters high, with water flowing cascades along the rocks to small and large pools. The water is clear, with water flowing all year round. Wicharalongkorn Dam
    Noon: Have a meal (5th meal)
    Afternoon continue the journey to E-tong Village, Pilok Subdistrict, Old Mining Area On the way, the view is very beautiful, you can see the waterfall flowing from the mountain. You can easily walk in a circle for only 10-15 minutes. But after the mine closed down Both Thai and Burmese villagers who have settled down here still live as before until now, still retaining the charm of the old mining town. It is unique in that it is quiet and peaceful. simple village life The climate is cool all year round. the beauty of the landscape So it's another charm. that make tourists frequent visits take you to visit E-tong Village, Pilok Sub-district, which was the most prosperous village when the mining business prospered. Visit the simple way of life of E-Tong villagers. Shop for souvenirs and local snacks at Baan E-Tong Walking Street
    Evening meal (6th meal)
    Accommodation takes you to a homestay accommodation. (E-Tong Village) Note*Local accommodations cannot specify bed types.

  • Дата
    Nern Chang Suek - Jokkradin Waterfall - Sai Yok - Prasat Mueang Sing - Bangkok

    6:00 a.m. Take you to see Noen Chang Suek The most beautiful view of the sunrise and sunset in Thailand, where the path is quite steep and bumpy, so you have to travel by 4WD car, taking you to see the sea of mist at this point, where you will see the natural gas pipeline transmission plant sent from Burma to Thailand. The surrounding atmosphere of E Tong village as well.
    In the morning, have breakfast at the accommodation (7th meal).
    Visit Jogkradin Waterfall See the beauty of the waterfall
    Noon: Have a meal (8th meal)
    In the afternoon, you visit Prasat Mueang Sing. which Muang Sing Historical Park is Located on the banks of the Kwai Noi River in Sing Subdistrict, Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi Province, whose architecture and sculptures are similar to those of King Jayavarman VII, the builder king. and is an ancient site with construction art in the late Lop Buri period Around the 16th-18th century, the city plan is square. With an area of approximately 800 rai, the city wall was made of laterite with a width of 880 meters. It was influenced by Buddhism, Mahayana sect and culture from Cambodia. The castle is surrounded by laterite walls, moats and ridges. The architecture and sculptures are built according to the Khmer Bayon style. Excavation, decoration, renovation of Muang Sing Historical Park Started in 1935 by craftsmen from the Fine Arts Department. It took several years to complete. until it was completed in the year 1987
    3:00 p.m. Take you back. On the way, stop at Kanchanaburi to buy souvenirs (if time is appropriate).
    6:00 p.m. Arrive in Bangkok safe and sound.

Meals And Accommodation
The P Guest House accommodation or equivalent
Homestay accommodation. (E-Tong Village)
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