Korea Seoul Flying Suwon Snow 5 Days 3 Nights TATKR7657

Korea Seoul Flying Suwon Snow 5 Days 3 Nights TATKR7657

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Korea Seoul Flying Suwon Snow 5 Days 3 Nights TATKR7657

 Сеул, Южная Корея
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  • Дата
    Suvarnabhumi Airport - Incheon International Airport

    The group traveled at the same time. Suvarnabhumi Airport International passenger terminal, 4th floor at Jeju Air | Air Busan, with staff from the company Waiting to welcome And facilitate the document As well as your luggage (** Please show important documents according to travel measures to South Korea on the day of the journey and passport to the staff on the day of the travel) after checking in and downloading the luggage. Take you to travel to South Korea.
    Depart from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Incheon International Airport

  • Дата
    Korean style cafes - Hwa Sung Hong Hongsung Palace - Hwa Sung Fort - Flying Suwon (not including value)

    Hye Kyung Kung Cafe That will bring everyone back to Korea in the past With the architecture of the shop that creates ancient Korean style Decorated both interior, reflecting the identity of the architecture And the old Korean art clearly ... That around has a large garden With a little Korean style in the middle of the garden Among the plants and gardening of Korean style Along with the seats for enjoying the taste of the coffee closely ... Sip coffee and breathe fresh air outside. And the mild fragrance of the pine trees receive warm sunlight when the weather is cold ... For the bakery menu that should not be missed is Apple bread, cream filling, apple cheese The Hwasung Hong Hongung Palace, which means "Single Palace" is a palace located in the Hwasung Fort. Originally used as a palace for the royal family Which may be called This is the extension of the Cleansing Palace. Which is the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty Built in 1789 (and more extensions between 1794 to 1796) in the rule of King Jongjo of Joseon. To establish Suwon city into a new area And for the royal family to use when traveling from the capital Most of the palaces were destroyed during the Japanese colonial administration. But was restored and repaired by the work began in the middle of the 1990s and in October 2003, it was open to the general public again. This palace was registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997 and was established as an archaeological site number 478 on June 8, 2007.
    Dining at the restaurant, serving you with Bulgogi menu. The menu contains Fresh marinated pork, fresh squid, various vegetables, boiled together Which can be eaten both dry and water With various side dishes such as pickled bean sprouts, vermicelli, seasoning, seaweed
    Hwasong Fortress - Hwaseong Fortress, Hwasung Fort is a fortress that was built during the Joseon Dynasty. Under King Sejong since 1752-1800, there was a large fortress wall. With a height of about 4-6 meters and a length of about 5.7 kilometers around the city of Hwazung, systematically created by the best artistic artisans and scientists in those days. Because of this, Hwasung Fort is popular. And praise a lot all the time And most importantly, it has been regarded as the cultural heritage of the UNESCO organization. In 1997, this Hwa Sung Fort was always well taken care of. Making it maintain the original condition to the present. Flying Suwon, a giant balloon that floats up -down above the Hwasung fortress. Very safe As a result, packed with helium gas This is higher than the hydrogen gas ... This giant balloon will bring everyone to the Suewon airspace at a height of 150 meters with a limited number of 15 - 20 passengers per round. Each round takes about 10 - 15 minutes can experience the beauty of Suwon. Both in the morning and night with a new perspective that is superior ... The highest point The giant balloon will float for 7 - 10 minutes to have a short time, but can indulge in the beauty of Suwon. In order to keep it as an unforgettable impression ... But in truth Since the giant balloon gradually floats up, the beauty and perspective around the body will gradually change according to the height. With a height of 50 meters, it can see the Hwasung fortress All around Giant balloon that supports passengers Made from special alloy Fixed with a wire rope from the ground with a length of over 150 meters to ensure that Will get maximum safety when floating up with this balloon For that design In the middle of the passenger part Will be designed as a "ring" like donuts in order to be able to see the view in every angle Both the angle that looks lower Or looking far away Importantly, not just to use to see the beauty of Suwon. But with a circle in the middle Make the wind resistance Or less winding Causing the balloon to not be wobble back and forth ... And if one day with strong winds or storms, the company that operates the balloon will close immediately. Which is usually open for service from 11.00 a.m. - 08.00 p.m. Flying suwon will open a new perspective That allows everyone to have the beauty of Suwon That is superior ... when higher ... is superior ... when superior ... is more beautiful And if it is at the end of November Until the end of March You will discover the truth of the words that say "The higher the cold ... but the more cold the more beautiful"
    Have a meal at the restaurant with BBQ buffet, Korean style grilled food with a variety of meat to choose from. Served with side dishes
    After that, bring you to the accommodation of Suwon Hotel or equivalent. South Korean standard hotel

  • Дата
    Issara Ski - Strawberry Farm - Everland Park - Cosmetics Center - Hongdawoking Street

    Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Issues play in skiing at all the ski slopes will experience the snow. And the atmosphere in front is full of snow in front And if wanting to open a new experience that is closer to the snow Everyone can ski. Which the ski slopes are divided into space players at many levels together In which those who have never played will have a particular training area And here is amazing Will make the cold snow be a beautiful and impressive puffy (** Not including the skiing entrance fee Rental set+equipment and trainer **) Preparation before skiing Should prepare a waterproof jacket or umbrella cloth, tight pants, scarves, scarves, glasses, etc. Ask for advice and practice how to play from the local guide before actually entering the field. For your own safety South Korean Strawberry Reputed to be a strawberry that has a larger effect in the world and that is second to none, that is the sweetness of the tongue That was planted on a closed strawberry farm That has been nourished And take good care Here, you will learn how to grow, storage and steps to be a giant strawberry. And to guarantee the sweetness You will taste the fresh strawberry that you keep yourself. (The number depends on the product. And the determination of the farm owner at that time) Everland theme Park South Korea's largest theme park ... as the largest theme park in South Korea, Everland REST is full of fun. Excited with the players And many various activities, especially with the aquarium roller coaster called "T-Express", which is considered one of the coaster. That built a rail on the wooden structure That gives the most excitement of the world With a vast area There are various festivals throughout the year, such as "flower festivals" that are decorated throughout the garden. Which has been switched throughout the year, the beauty and fragrances are covered throughout the area And not just the flower festival There are also festivals that are held in important festivals in the world and Korea, such as Halloween Christmas, including every evening. There is still a daily parade. That attracts tourists And many visitors to join the joy together With the mascot And the cartoon characters that children and everyone like Zootopia and Lost Valley are another feature of this theme park. That has included the theme park And the zoo in the same place Which is organized as a safari forest zoo That can ride an amphibian See rare animals from all over the world. In which the 2 zoo has more than 2,000 animals. There are also Caribbean Bay water park with various water players As well as complete facilities for outdoor services And indoor as well. Food - independent coupons at Everland. Inside the theme park there are a variety of food zones. Both Western and Eastern or the original Korean style is also available for service.
    Cosmetic Center Where everyone will be able to buy cosmetics that are suitable for each skin For nourishment Maintain or restore the skin to brighten again. From natural ingredients Or from cosmetics produced or certified by Korea That is good quality at an affordable price, whether cream, serum or both face and body products that guarantee that If you try to use it, it will definitely look like a Korean girl. Hong Daowdering Street Is a road in the Hongik University area Which is famous for art Here, there will be students bringing artificial items from handmade to sell and there are shops selling teenage products, including popular idols to perform dance music, or do activities to show theness in this area. Free for you to walk and watch art all the way.
    Eat at the restaurant, serve you with Jimdak menu, a chicken menu consisting of Korean vermicelli mixed with soup. Mellow taste Served with steamed rice With Korean side dishes
    After that, bring you to the Seoul Hotel or equivalent. South Korean standard hotel

  • Дата
    Chokesa Temple - Herbal Center - Ginseng Center - Red Oil Center - Duty Free - The Center of Korean teen

    Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Chokesa Temple, the center of the famous Zen Buddhism in Korea, although it is a temple that is located in the midst of the urban community. But the temple is very peaceful and beautiful Inside there is a large tree that is higher than 26 meters. The old building according to ancient Korean architecture. And the pagoda that carved from a high stone, high -tall, outstanding, is elegant in the middle of this temple ... In addition, this temple is also important in organizing a lotus lamp parade. On the day before the birth of the Lord Buddha On Visakha Bucha Day Which this procession will start from Dong Damun Stadium Move the procession along Chongno Road and end at this temple, which at night on that day is full of hundreds of thousands of colors of lanterns in the procession. And in various angles of this temple will be decorated with lamps To participate in the celebration with the latest Herb Center or Hokkine in Korea With copyright registration Properties help to detoxify the residue or fat that accumulates inside the walls of the liver, kidneys, helping your liver or kidneys stronger. And also benefits your own physical health as well Know and understand the herbs that are considered the king of all herbs, that is, Korean ginseng at the South Korean ginseng center, a country that has the number 1 Korean ginseng in the world and has various benefits, such as helping to strengthen the system. Digestion and lungs Helps to calm the mind and increase strength With medical properties Helps to nourish your heart very well. Helps to prevent ischemic heart disease, etc. Red pine oil center Made from red needle pine leaves in Korea that has properties to help wash the fat in the blood vessels. To prevent clogging of the blood vessels Ready to see the demonstration For you to see the properties more clearly
    Have a meal at the restaurant. Korean pork stir -fried pork It is one of the well -known menus that uses good raw materials. Marinated in the authentic Korean chili sauce A little spicy, sweet, eaten with steamed rice Or place pork on a fresh vegetable Along with various side dishes, wrapped into words as you like
    After that, bring your free tax shopping at Duty Free here. There are more than 500 leading products, including perfume, clothing, cosmetics, watches, accessories, etc. to the best of shopping at The center of Korean teenagers, Myeongdong Be named as a leading Korean fashion brand Which each day there will be a Korean teenager coming to walk overwhelming shopping You can buy a variety of products, including shoes, bags, cosmetics, which are well -known for Thai people such as Laneige, Etude, IPE, Charmzone, Skin Food, The Face Shop. CD-DVD movie and popular series As well as souvenirs that have your favorite star in a variety of products to choose from .... Or will choose to walk straight up the hill not too far Will find a large Catholic church Which is a church of Seoul Set up on the hill Or the official name is "The Cathedral of the Mary, who fertilized", in addition to watching the architecture that was created for over 130 years, the temple was decorated with art. Korean style, which you may see a strange and can't miss Jesus statue. Not many Korean singers are Catholic. Travel to this church To ask for blessings from Our Lady The statue of the Lord, which is the patron of the cave that is simulated from Lored. In France Which believes that Phra Mae Prajak came
    Freedom dinner at the center of Korean teen You can choose the menu from both in the shop. With hundreds of shops in the said area Or choose a Korean street food that is available in every chest The alley in this area as well ....
    After that, bring you to the Seoul Hotel or equivalent. South Korean standard hotel

  • Дата
    Seaweed Museum + Learn to make algae wrapped rice + Han Bok Set - Amethyst Center - Korean Supermarket

    Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    The algae museum tells and gathering various matters about algae. South Korea's top food That became part of The cooking culture of the Korean people .... "Seaweed wrapped rice", national food, famous menu .... When arriving at the origin of the menu Inviting everyone to learn how to make rice wrapped in seaweed by yourself. Along with using this opportunity Be a part of the beautiful national dress culture of the white ginseng. By wearing a variety of Hanbok outfits that are available Ready to take pictures with the prepared scenes and props Collected as a memorial that half That we have visited the land with various beautiful cultures like this
    Have a meal at the restaurant with Bibimbap or Korean rice. Comes with a hot soup Served as a bowl of steamed rice Garnish with stir -fried vegetables And seasoning, Kochu -chan (chili paste) or Twine Jung (Pierce Poor). It also popular with raw eggs, fried eggs or burns and thin sliced meats, then mixed with various ingredients. Good to combine before eating
    Take you to Amethis Center Or the famous purple gemstone in Korea Which Korean people believe that if this kind of gemstone has a fortune and good things in life After that, it's time to bring you to Incheon Airport To prepare to travel back to Bangkok On the way, stop shopping at Korean Supermarket to buy souvenirs. There are a variety of native Korean dessert shops, ginseng chicken, ginseng, ginseng contained in vacuum bags, chopsticks, cups, rice, etc.
    It's time to take you to the airport.
    Depart from Incheon International Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport

Meals And Accommodation
Suwon Hotel or Equivalent
Seoul Hotel or Equivalent
Seoul Hotel or Equivalent
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  • Travelers must be fully vaccinated or have documentation showing their COVID-19 test results.

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  • Round-round plane tickets Follow the path specified in the program. Go-back with the faculty

  • Every meal cost As specified in the list

  • Admission fee, various locations according to the list

  • The accommodation fee is specified in the list of 2 or 3 people per room at the specified hotel. Or equivalent

  • Shuttle and travel expenses on the list

  • All airport taxes that have

  • Luggage weight, 15 kg per luggage

  • Accident insurance during the journey of 1,000,000 baht per person (conditions according to the insurance policy)

  • Visual card fees according to the program

  • Adapter power plug

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  • Registration fee for K-TA (in the case that the company provides), including all related expenses

  • Personal expenses such as travel books, personal phone bills, laundry fees, mini -bar in the room, including food And additional beverages beyond the list (If you want to order more, please contact the tour leader and pay more)

  • Driver tip And a local guide 1,500 baht per person

  • If the traveler does not hold a passport in Thailand There is an additional cost of 5,000 baht.

  • 7% VAT and 3% withholding tax

  • Luggage weight That is too heavy for the airline (usually 15 kg)

  • Visa fee for foreign passports Please prepare the document. 1. Passport 2. Foreign identity 3. Local address 4. Copy of the house registration (if any) 5. Book of deposit accounts (if any) 6. 2 -inch color photo, then the company will proceed with the visa to pay for the service. (For a foreign passport, the owner of the passport must make a notice in-out by yourself before submitting a visa)

  • Must be canceled before the travel date of not less than 45 days only. The refund of the service fee is 100 percent of the payment fee paid.

  • If canceling the journey less than 45 days, reserves the right to not return the tour in all cases.

  • In the case of a private group, Group Mao Group, the group of students, watching the work, when paying, cannot be refunded at all.

  • During the festival, cannot cancel or change the names of travelers. Group that travels to deposit with the airline

  • Or through the country's representatives Or abroad Including special flights such as Charter Flight, Extra Flight

  • There will be no deposits or tours.

  • Please study the details about new measures in South Korea to travel to the country. And strictly follow the number of minimum travelers, 25 adults or more

  • Flights, prices, travel items and food can be changed as appropriate without prior notice (regarding the benefits of travelers)

  • We reserve the right to change flights and flight schedules, both back and forth without prior notice.

  • In the case of the Immigration Division, the Department of Labor, both Thailand and abroad Rejecting you to travel out or enter the country Due to illegal things Incorrect travel documents that implied illegally Escape in and out of the city Or in other cases, the privilege and discretion of immigration officials and the Department of Labor only Which is beyond the responsibility of the company, unable to postpone the day or refund (Because plane tickets are special prices to-back to group). The company We reserve the right to not return the tour fee or service fee in any case at all.

  • Your passport from the day of traveling and returning Must be more than 6 months of work and must have enough paper to allow immigration officers to stamp And must be in a perfect condition, not damaged or torn

  • The company is not responsible for any. In the case of the delay from the airline, the stop, natural disasters, riots, revolutions and others. That occurs, whether it is a direct or indirect way

  • The company will not be responsible at all. If the objects are lost from theft and/or an accident caused by the negligence of the tourists themselves. Including illness and death

  • After receiving the document to collect money Please pay the deposit within 3 days and send payment evidence in front of the travel passport. And pay all the money before traveling within 14 days

  • The company is not responsible for any. If you do not use the service of the company, such as not traveling, some items, not eating some meals. Because all the expenses, the company has paid the costs to foreign countries before traveling

  • When you agree to pay, regardless of whether all or part of the company, the company will consider that you have accepted the terms of various agreements. All specified

  • The company reserves the right to change certain details in this tour as appropriate. Depending on the time of traffic, the weather and other force majeure that may occur. This is for the safety and benefits of travelers.

  • Guide, employees and representatives of the company There is no right to give any promise on behalf of the company, in addition to having documents Signed by the authority of the company Note only

  • In the event that customers are pregnant Must have a doctor's certificate that can travel And not over 7 days from the date of travel And must notify the company in advance

  • In the case of a private group, Group Mao Group, the student group, the group, can not use the price in the program.

  • In the event that you buy only the tour package, not including plane tickets Will not include an accident insurance while traveling in the amount of 1,000,000 baht per person (conditions according to the insurance policy)