Jordan Habibi 7 Days 4 Nights TATJO6723

Jordan Habibi 7 Days 4 Nights TATJO6723

Приключение Пляжи и Солнце Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Обеденный Религия и Дух Full Day 4 Stars Hotel Direct Flight
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Jordan Habibi 7 Days 4 Nights TATJO6723

 Мертвое море, Иордания
Авиалиниякоролевский Непал Авиакомпании
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25 Сентябрь 2022 в 01 Октябрь 2022
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Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport -
Amman-Madaba-MOUNT NEBO-Craakh-Akaba CITY TOWER HOTEL or a similar hotel.
PETRA - AMMAN Amman AL THURAYA HOTEL or a similar hotel.
Amman - Ajlun - Jeerat - Sea DEAD SAE - Amman AL THURAYA HOTEL or a similar hotel.
AMMAN CITADEL - ROMANS THEATER -DESERT CASTLES A group of castles in the desert -
Suvarnabhumi Airport -
Программа Тура
  • Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
    21.30 hrs. At the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport, International Departure Hall, Floor 4, Counter Q1-Q5, Gate 8 by ROYAL JORDANIAN, Flight No. 181, meet with the company's staff. To welcome and facilitate
  • Amman-Madaba-MOUNT NEBO-Craakh-Akaba
    00.25 hrs. Depart to Amman (AMM) by ROYAL JORDANIAN, Flight 181 181
    05.10 hrs. Arrive at the International Airport (AMM, Amman, Queen Alia, QUEEN ALIA)
    In Amman, Jordan Travel time is 8 hours and 55 minutes. VISA staff will assist the tour team. (Local time is 4 hours later than Thailand), the capital city of Jordan or the Kingdom of Hashemite, Jordan, the center of the Middle East, which combines old and modern times. After going through immigration formalities And customs already received luggage Left the door On the left hand side You can exchange money, buy SIM INTERNET.
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to travel to Madaba (about 50 kilometers) past an important route in the Roman period. Holy Land of Jerusalem And the city of the story of Moses that is important in the history of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is also the center of the famous mosaic. Is the art of decorating with pieces of glass, stone, or small pieces of tiles Which is used to decorate the cathedral Or currently used to decorate houses or City of Mosaic See the Greek-Orthodox Church of St. George Was built around the year 600 AD Byzantine era View a picture of the Holy Land Plan of Jerusalem. Decorated by mosaic of various colors, approximately 2.3
    Million pieces represent areas of the holy land In the region around the Mediterranean Sea, Jerusalem, the Jordan River, the sea
    Dead Sea, Mount Sinai, Egypt etc.
    Take you to The peak of Mount Nebo, MOUNT NEBO, is 817 meters above sea level. Believed to be the burial ground of Moses Jewish leaders traveling from Egypt to Jerusalem And is one of the most sacred places in Jordan This is the last place of Moses. Before pointing the way for the successors to lead people to the promised land In modern Israel Standing on top of the mountain, he could see the Promised Land that Moses had seen on this hilltop. And has been a pilgrimage site for Christians since ancient times And a hilltop church was built at the end of the fourth century as an indication of where Moses had died. MOUNT NEBO was also the site of the papacy. Christianity Which Pope John Paul II came to visit here While traveling to visit the Holy Land And planted an olive tree The symbol of peace beside the Byzantine church
    Visit the small museum. Inside the collection of various excavated items in this area. Along with various photos, photos that
    The most important thing is the image that Pope John Paul II made his pilgrimage here and declared it a holy land in the year 2000.
    Observe the sacred staff of Moses Designed as a walking stick in the form of a crucifix
    The symbols of Moses and Jesus were to be photographed at the viewpoint, on a clear day. You can see the river.
    Jordan, Dead Sea, Jerico and Israel Clearly from this point
    Noon serves lunch at the restaurant.
    From then, bring you To Creak Which is located on a large plateau For you to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way up to the hill Especially in areas that are known to be "Grand Canyon of Jordan" "AL KARAK CASTLE ''" Kraken Castle Located in the city of Creak Central jordan It is a large castle during the Crusades. From the history of the crusade, it was a war between Christians from Europe and Muslims occupying the area, including the city of Jerusalem. The holy city and the symbols of the three main Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) by Christians want to restore sacred access in and near Jerusalem. This castle was built in the 12th century B.C. . 1115 by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem To be a strategic point in controlling the caravan on the convincing trade route with Egypt to Damascus, Syria, with the stone castle built Rectangular wall Long curved roof And then drilling a small light groove This characteristic makes it easier to protect the enemy. Currently, this place still has a complete structure. Visiting here Allows us to see the perspective of modern warfare (Crusade)
    After that, everyone will travel to Aqaba. (Travel time is 3 hours 30 minutes)
    Dinner. Dinner at the hotel restaurant.
    Bring you to a 4-star hotel CITY TOWER HOTEL  or a similar hotel.
    Note for anyone who wants to swim Snorkeling Bring your personal belongings to change in the bathroom of this rainbow boat.
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to travel to Akaba. Which is a port And the major tourist destination of Jordan Is the only city in Jordan that has been declared a tax-free city With a population of approximately 70,000 people, located nearby And the Gaza Strip across from Israel, with the Red Sea in between Is a relatively modern city, but has a fairly Jordan culture And the interesting thing is the tallest flag pole in the world which is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.
    Bring you into the glass boat (GLASS BOAT) to swim as you wish. (Takes about 3-4 hours)
    The water here is very clear. But with the depth and looking through the thick glass, it makes it difficult to see the coral and the wreck.
    Take you to the coral reef for about 5-6 meters deep, the boat sinking about 27 meters deep, most coral reefs are not very colorful sea animals such as lion fish, parrot fish, Goby fish, sea cucumber, sea urchin and also a deep diving place. Also famous The sea covers 4 countries: Jordan, Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Watch the clear water, see coral, various sea fish, sea urchins, jellyfish etc.
    (The Red Sea is a sea of ​​history. Which has been said in the Christian Scriptures that this sea was a place where Moses had done miracles By raising a staff to open the Red Sea as a path to lead the Israelis to escape from the pursuit of the Egyptians. To enslave Egypt And the purpose of traveling to the promised land that the Lord gave to the Israelites That is, present-day Jerusalem)
    Lunch: BBQ lunch on board. Buffet lunch on board: fish, chicken and lamb. BBQ Eaten with lettuce and roti
    Then take you on a journey to WADI RUM desert takes about 1 hour 40 minutes
    This desert in the past was a caravan route from Saudi Arabia. Travel to Syria and Palestine
    (Used to be the home of the people of Baton Tien before moving to build a great empire in Petra) in the Arab War of Revolt during the year. 1916–1918 This desert was used as a base for the battles of British officers TE Lawrence and Prince Faisal. The Arab leaders fought to repel the Ottoman invaders for their possession and were then used as real locations in the filming of the great Hollywood movie of the past: " LAWRENCE OF ARABIA "(and in 1963 it was able to sweep up to 7 Oscars and more than 30 other institutions, starring PETER O'TOOLE, OMAR SHARIF.
    Bring you to ride a truck to open the roof to receive the atmosphere of the desert that is right. Said to be the most beautiful of the world With the sandy, reddish-orange sand that is quiet, vast (The color of the beads changes according to the light of the sun). Watch the fountain of Lawrence. In the past, Télévence, a British soldier, used as a resting place and devised a plan to fight the Ottomans.
    Take you to the city of Aqaba, a port city and a major tourist town of Jordan, the only city in Jordan that has been declared a tax-free city with a population of about 70,000 people.
    Dinner, Dinner in the middle of the desert. CAMP WADI RUM
    Bring you to stay PETRA PANORAMA HOTEL Level 4  or equivalent.
  • PETRA - AMMAN Amman
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Petra (It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and 1 of the 7 wonders of the New World. Judged by a vote by millions of people around the world on a miracle day 07/07/07) The Rose-colored metropolis hiding in the valley of Moses (WADI MUSA) has a long history of thousands of years. The Edomites until the prosperity of the occupation of the nomadic Arabs in Nabatien during 100 BC - 100 B.E. Chakra, the country, etc. until in the year. 106 The city fell under Roman rule led by King Trajan And sealed this city as one of the Roman kingdoms of the Eastern Arabian Peninsula (Everyone can ride the horse on the horse's path in Petra. Already included in the card fee Just have to pay a tip to the caretter at 5 USD per person / per trip or depending on the bargain with the handler. In case of wanting to ride a donkey, camel ride, horse drawn carriage, etc., ask directly to the staff or ask the tour leader. ) The distance that walked into Petra is about 800 meters on a sand road to enter the city and see the surrounding scenery on both sides of the river, treasure bank on both sides at None appearance varies. Take you on foot to the city road. The SIQ is a path flanked on both sides by over 1.5 kilometers of cliffs caused by the separation of the earth's crust and the water erosion millions of years ago. Most of the walkways are comfortable (the path is quite sloping, not tired on the way, there are beautiful corners Keep images And there are people selling souvenirs Walk around the beautiful pink rock cliffs on both sides, similar to the little canyon and the sculptures.
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    Then take everyone back to Amman. AMMAN takes about 4 hours.
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    Bring you a 4-star hotel AL THURAYA HOTEL or a similar hotel.
  • Amman - Ajlun - Jeerat - Sea DEAD SAE - Amman
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to AJLUN CASTLE. The journey takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. A little north of the city, see Rajasthan, a high mountain town surrounded by pine forests and olive trees. Visit the castle of Ajlun, built by Muslim warriors in the years 1184 -1185, used as a military fort to fight against the crusaders and in 1260 destroyed by the Mongol army. The Take you to the north of Jordan to see JERASH, or "Thousand Pillar Town", a former 1 in 10 great Eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. It is assumed that this city should have been built around 200 - 100 BC. Formerly, this city was named in the year 749 AD, this city was destroyed by a major earthquake. And was buried in the sand after a thousand years had disappeared Observe the arches of Hadrian's Gate and the Hippodrome Racecourse Brought you to enter the southern gate Chom Oval Plaza The meeting place for city gatherings, the god Zeus temple etc. The south theater (built around 90-92 years) has a capacity of 3,000 spectators. There is an echoing sound in the middle of the theater.
    Come test the miracle, just speak softly. Any sound echoes into our ears Visit the Temple of the Goddess Artemis Is the goddess of the city. Found in the year 150 BC, built to be used as a place for worship ceremonies. And the sacrifice to this goddess is divided into 3 levels: the outer layer, the middle layer, the inner layer leading you to walk into Cardo Road or Colonade Road, the main road that is used to go out-of-town. Of horse wheels, manhole covers, lamp arches, horse drinking water See the fountain in the center of the city (NYMPHAEUM), built around 191 AD, dedicated to the goddess of the mountains. Which is respected by the people of this city With the seven spiked heads of water lions And decorated with various gods Regularly at the top of the fountain etc. It's time to take everyone to the Dead Sea. Travel time is approximately 1 hour 40 minutes.
    Noon serving lunch at the hotel restaurant (Buffet INTERNATIONAL)
    From there he led you to the Dead Sea (DEAD SEA). The Dead Sea is on the border between Israel and Jordan. Caused by water flowing from a stream in Jordan Contains sodium and magnesium. Reacting to the hot springs below the lake Which is salty 4 times more than the other sea, with a length of 76 kilometers, 18 kilometers wide, the deepest point is 400 meters and 417.5 meters below sea level. This is the area that is below sea level in the world. The water in Jaffa is very dense. With 25% dissolved salt in the water causing the object to float above the water Even those who can't swim can float in the Dead Sea and are recorded in the Guinness Book of Worlds as the lowest point in the world. Invite you to play in the sea and prove. The fact that you can actually float or not. (There are methods to play in the sea. And various precautions Should listen to the recommendations from the local guide and tour leader). To Amman On the way, stop to buy Dead Sea products such as mud mask, face mask and many other Dead Sea products. After that, travel to Amman.
    Dinner. Dinner at the hotel restaurant.
    Bring you a 4-star hotel AL THURAYA HOTEL or a similar hotel.
  • AMMAN CITADEL - ROMANS THEATER -DESERT CASTLES A group of castles in the desert
    Morning Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to see around the capital city of Amman. The capital city is located on 7 mountains and has a history of more than 6,000 years. See the old town, new town, business district, market town center, rich district, etc. Visit the citadel of Amman (CITDAEL) was built to be Home scene Politics around the city. Please freely take photos at the most beautiful view point of this city. With the backdrop of Roman theater, ROMANSTHEATER The largest in Jordan, which has a capacity of 6,000 people, and the buildings on the tall, strange mountains that are supposed to be built between 161-180 AD during Roman times. Ummedy Old Palace Built around 720 B.E. by Muslim leaders of the Muslim dynasty during the reign of Jordan, which consists of offices, living rooms, etc. Go through the royal palace. RAGHADAN PALACE, located on the mountain, has the most beautiful location in Amman. And there are soldiers strict monitoring
    Noon serves lunch at the restaurant.
    Take you on a tour of DESERT CASERT, a group of desert castles in one of the two World Heritage Sites of Jordan, built for resting in a caravan, watching desert fortifications Which is an example of beautiful early Islamic art and architecture, the use of frescoes, stone carving and plaster floors Including drawings These forts were used as caravans for resting places. For agriculture and Is a commercial center Used to pitch a tent for shelter and as a fortress for the governor from a remote province To take care of the Bedouin tribe And is also an entertainment place And prevent the battle of the crusades After that, independent shopping mall CITY MALL- CARREFOUR is 2 large department stores next to each other. There are many brands to choose from. Take you back to Amman, farewell to Jordan, travel to CHECK IN GROUP airport
    Dinner. Dinner at the Chinese restaurant.
    To the international airport (AMM Amman, Queen Alia QUEEN ALIA) (with VISA staff on the way to facilitate you)
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport
    02.10 hrs. Departure to Thailand by ROYAL JORDANNIAN, flight RJ182.
    15.15 hrs. Arrive back to Suvarnabhumi Airport With welfare and impressions Unforgettable
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  • Air-conditioned bus fee according to the program With a professional driver

  • Accommodation for 2 persons is TWIN ROOM in the hotel as specified in the list or the same level, a total of 4 nights.

  • The cost of all meals specified in the list

  • Admission ticket to all locations and shows listed

  • Visa fee for Jordan

  • Tour guide service fee by the local guide and experienced tour leader

  • 1 transport luggage per person (not over 20 kg)

  • Travel accident insurance in the amount of 1,000,000 baht and medical expenses 500,000 baht (Note: accident insurance for children under 2 years and adults over 70 years of age, the insurance company will compensate only half of the contract )

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  • Towels and locker rental at Dead Sea Resort and Spa

  • Other personal expenses such as telephone, laundry, mini-bar and TV, special channels, etc. that are not specified in the program.

  • Food and beverage fees, special order Apart from the list

  • Donkey ride fee, camel ride, horse drawn carriage etc.

  • Tips for tourists in Jordan and a tour leader from Thailand, including a tip of 46 USD / person or 1,500 baht in Thailand

  • Horse tips for Petra, 3 -5 USD per person depending on the bargain per trip per person.

  • The tip of the driver in the Wadi Rum desert is 2 USD per person per trip per person.

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  • Because this tour program is a total package payment If you waive the right to use any of the services listed or are denied entry into the country under any circumstances, the company reserves the right to not refund in all cases.

  • If any customers Visa application has not been approved. The customer has to pay a tour deposit of 15,000 baht and the visa fee as the embassy charges.