Egypt Jordan 8 Days 6 Nights TATJO6593

Egypt Jordan 8 Days 6 Nights TATJO6593

Приключение Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Обеденный Религия и Дух Full Day Museum
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Egypt Jordan 8 Days 6 Nights TATJO6593

 Александрия, Египет
Авиалиниякоролевский Непал Авиакомпании
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07 Мар 2022 в 14 Мар 2022 Period Other time
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Дата Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Отели
Suvarnabhumi Airport -
Bangkok - Amman - Cairo - Pyramid - Sphinx - Perfume Factory - Papyrus Paper Factory PYRAMID PARK HOTEL or a similar hotel.
Cairo - Alexandria - The Grave Underground - View Pompey Column - Montasa Garden PYRAMID PARK HOTEL or similar hotel.
Cairo - Egyptian National Museum - Khan Al Khali Market PYRAMID PARK HOTEL or similar hotel.
Cairo-Amman-Madaba-Mount Nebo-Dead Sea-Petra G T GRAND PALACE or equivalent.
Gerarat - Amman - Dead Sea - Petra KINGWAY HOTEL or similar class.
Amman - Nakhon Ratchasima - City Tour - Airport -
Suvarnabhumi Airport -
Программа Тура
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport
    21.00 hrs. Travelers at the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport International Departure Hall, Floor 4, Row Q, in front of Counter Q 1-6, ROYAL JORDANIAL, which has company personnel Waiting to be ready
  • Bangkok - Amman - Cairo - Pyramid - Sphinx - Perfume Factory - Papyrus Paper Factory
    00.20 hrs. Hirah Sky to Amman Jordan By flight at RJ 183, independent airline ROYAL JORDANIAL free at leisure. (Travel time is approximately 9 hours) (with food, beverages on board)
    04.50 hrs. Arrive at Amman National Airport Jordan In order to stop and change plane to Cairo
    06.45 hrs. Continue traveling to Cairo by flight RJ501.
    08.15 hrs. Arrive at the Cairo National Airport (local time 9 hours later than Thailand) after passing the immigration ceremony and collecting luggage
    Morning Breakfast at the hotel.
    A good time Take you to see Sphinx and GIZA PYRAMID, Egypt, one of the 7 wonders of the world that led the group to travel to Giza to visit one of the seven Great Pyramids. The Miracle of the World) is the name of the burial place of the ancient city of Leopolis (now Cairo), covering an area of ​​2,000 square meters on the southeast plateau. It was the site of three great pyramids, which the ancient Egyptian pharaohs built to bury his own body. It is considered the greatest and oldest building in the world. The construction took 30 years, made of very large stone blocks. Each block weighs more than 2 tons. Each stone is placed next to each other very closely. Even the paper is not inserted through the "Sphinx" carved from natural stone hills. With the head of Pharaoh's face and the body of a lion You may ride a camel in the desert to see the surrounding scenery with the backdrop of the Pyramid. Independent walking at your leisure (Or go inside to see the pyramid, believed to be the burial ground of the pharaohs who built it. The interior is built as a large hall. There is a pathway which we can walk down to see. Admission fees are not included in the tour fee. And have to go in queue to buy tickets by themselves Because each day can only have a maximum of 300 visitors per day)
    Noon, have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon visit the making center. "Papyrus", the world's first type of paper made from papyrus (PAPYRUS) used to record the message of praise to the gods and events in ancient Egypt while visiting PERFUME FACTORY perfume factory, which is said that this perfume has been passed on since Queen Cleopatra And still be the center Large head perfume source for famous brand names Many other brands as well
    Dinner. Dinner at a local restaurant.
    Bring you into PYRAMID PARK HOTEL or a similar hotel.
  • Cairo - Alexandria - The Grave Underground - View Pompey Column - Montasa Garden
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    The group prepares to depart from the hotel. To head to the city of Alexandria, take a tour of Alexandria (ALEXANDRIA), an important city during the Roman rule of Egypt Formerly a small fishing village called Rachidah in 1,200 BC, until 332 BC, or more than 2,300 years ago, King Alexander the Great met. Therefore, there was an improvement in the expansion of the city to be the capital of Egypt and to name it in accordance with his name. The city of Alexandria is also an important place in the legend of the great love of The world renowned queen Queen Cleopatra and Mark Antony, which we know well. And now the second largest city in the country Is a famous vacation resort in the world See the underground tombs of Alexandria (Catacomb), one of the 7 wonders of the medieval world. There are more than 50,000 Romanesque tombs in the past. This cemetery has three floors. The first floor is for carrying coffins and burrows. The second floor is a burial ground and the 3rd floor is used as a place to gather relatives to remember the dead. By having all day long social gatherings Which tells that when archaeologists first discovered this place On the table there were still bottles of wine and plates.
    Noon, have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon leads you to see the Pompar (POMPEII’S PILLAR), an important thing in the Roman era to govern Egypt. Is a 27-meter-high granite pillars. The place where he was killed and is said to be Caesar burned Pompey's head at this pole. In addition, this place in the past used to have Acropolis, which was named Sera Piam, built in honor of the Pope Pius XII era, but was ultimately destroyed by Christians. Nowadays there are only Greek columns. Outstandingly located And two other sphinxs. Afterwards, admire the Citadel Fortress, which in the past was the site of the Far Rose Lighthouse. Considered one of the wonders of the ancient world. Currently, only the base remains and has been maintained by the Sultan Gay Bay. By collecting some of the original remains While watching the beautiful Mediterranean Sea
    Dinner dinner Buffet on a boat down the Nile River (DINNER ON NILE CRUISE). Watch the beautiful atmosphere when A night on both sides of the river while watching and enjoying the show. The famous belly dance and folk performances
    Take you to PYRAMID PARK HOTEL or similar hotel.
  • Cairo - Egyptian National Museum - Khan Al Khali Market
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to see the Egyptian National Museum. The famous Is a place that combines the most ancient art See the real gold sarcophagus and the world-famous Pharaoh Tutankhamen's gold mask. And many other personal belongings of His Majesty, such as the bed, the fan, the toys, the chariot and the golden chair The picture on the back of the chair is very romantic, a picture of Pharaoh Tutankhamun is sitting on the chair and his wife is applying perfume oil. Both wear sandals on each side, showing deep love and generosity. You will also see Other precious treasures Many more, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, exquisite workmanship, all the objects are more than 3,000 years old. All 11 kings are not included in the list.
    Noon, have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon, then take you to the beautiful local trade shopping at "Khan El Khalee Market", an important market for local trade and The largest commemorative item in Cairo, Egypt You can buy many beautiful local products such as handmade perfume bottles, various products, jewelery and jewels, Arabic patterns, carpets and local souvenirs.
    Dinner. Dinner at a local restaurant.
    Take you to PYRAMID PARK HOTEL or similar hotel.
  • Cairo-Amman-Madaba-Mount Nebo-Dead Sea-Petra
    08.00 hrs. Breakfast at the hotel. And prepare to check out from the hotel
    10.00 hrs. Then travel to the airport to fly to Amman, the capital city of Jordan.
    13.15 hrs. With flight RJ504 to Amman, the capital city of Jordan
    14.35 hrs. The group arrives QUEEN ALIA International Airport, Amman, Jordan After passing the immigration ceremony and receiving the luggage (Local time is 5 hours slower than Thailand)
    Take you to Madaba or the city of Mosaic. Visit the Greek-Orthodox Church. Of St. George was built around the year 600 AD Byzantine era View a picture of the Holy Land Plan of Jerusalem. Decorated by a mosaic of about 2.3 million pieces, showing areas of various holy lands In the region around the Mediterranean Sea, Jerusalem, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea, Mount Sinai, Egypt, etc., you travel south to see Mount Nebo, a sacred land located on a hill that is believed to be Will be the area where Moses died and buried Jewish leaders traveled from Egypt to Jerusalem. See the Church of Mount Nebo It is assumed to have been built around 300 -400 AD during the Byzantine period. As a memorial to Moses The interior of the church is composed of colored mosaic on the ground floor of the church in the evening. It shows pictures of the relationship between people, animals and nature, pictures of people, etc. There is also a pedestrian platform in the form of Christianity for various ceremonies and is allowed to use in the present, pictures and details. Show the restoration of the church, baptistery, etc. In the year 2000, Pope John Paul II came to make a pilgrimage here and declared it a holy land. Observe the sacred staff of Moses Designed as a walking stick in the form of a cross By devoting as a symbol of Moses and Jesus. Please take pictures at the viewpoint, on a clear day You can see Jordan River, Dead Sea, Bethlehem And Israel Clearly from this point
    Dinner dinner Within the hotel, the accommodation will take you to the accommodation of G.T. GRAND PALACE or equivalent.
  • Gerarat - Amman - Dead Sea - Petra
    Morning. Dine at the hotel breakfast room.
    Take you to the north of Jordan to see JERASH, or "Thousand Pillar Town", a former 1 in 10 great Eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. It is assumed that this city should have been built around 200 - 100 BC. Formerly, this city was named in the year 749 AD, this city was destroyed by a major earthquake. And was buried in the sand after thousands of years of disappearance. View the gates of Hadrian and the Hippodrome. Bring you to the southern gate to visit the Oval Plaza, the meeting place for city gatherings. Temple of Zeus South theater (Created around the year 90-92, capacity up to 3,000 audiences with echoes in the middle of the theater. Come test the miracle, just speak softly. Then there will be a sound echoing into our ears. Visit the temple of the goddess Artemis Was the goddess of the city. Found in the year 150 BC, built to be used as a place for worship ceremonies. And sacrifice to this goddess is divided into 3 layers, the outer layer, the middle layer, the inner one leads you to walk into Cardo Road or Colonade Road, the main road used to enter - this city On the road there were still wrinkles on the wheels of the chariot, the manhole cover, the lamp arch, the horse's drinking water. See the fountain in the center of the city (NYMPHAEUM), built around 191 AD, dedicated to the goddess of the mountains. Which is respected by the people of this city With the seven spiked heads of water lions And decorated with various gods Regularly at the top of the fountain etc.
    Noon, have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon travel to the Dead Sea and take you to see the Dead Sea. The sea recorded in the Guinness book is the lowest point in the world. It is 400 meters below sea level and is more than 20 percent salinity in the world. Causing no living thing to live in this sea You are free to swim in the sea and prove that you are able to float or not. (There are steps to playing in the sea. And various precautions Should listen to the instructions from the local guide) travel to Petra
    Dinner dinner Within the hotel Bring you to KINGWAY HOTEL or similar class.
  • Amman - Nakhon Ratchasima - City Tour - Airport
    Morning Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    See Petra, Jordan (It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and 1 of the 7 wonders of the New World. Judging by votes from millions of people around the world on the eternal day. 07/07/07) The rosy metropolis hidden in the valley of Moses (WADI MUSA) has a long history for thousands of years. Many earthquakes last for a thousand years until the year 1812. The Swiss route explorer Johann Ludwig Hurt discovered the stone city. And written in a book called "TRAVEL IN SYRIA" until it became widely known until today. Bring you to ride a horse (included in the service fee But not including donkey riding fee, camel riding, horse drawn carriage etc., please contact the tour leader) about 800 meters on the sand road to go straight to the front of the city. With a view of the surrounding mountains on both sides Take you on foot to the SIQ city road. A marvelous route of more than 1.5 kilometers caused by the separation of the earth's crust and the water erosion millions of years ago. Walk around the beautiful pink rock cliffs on both sides, similar to the little canyon and the buildings. EL-KHAZNEH / TREASURY is assumed to be built in the 1-2th century. By the governor of the city at that time It is a temple that is carved into the pink mountains. It is 40 meters high and 28 meters wide. This temple has been designed with the influences of art of many nations such as Egypt, Greece, Nabatien etc. The interior consists of 3 rooms: the main hall in the middle and the small room on the left and right. It was originally believed to be a treasure trove of Egypt's Pharaohs. Historians and archaeologists have agreed that It should be built in order to celebrate the governor of the city, to be used as a place of worship. Visit the Roman Theater (ROMAN THEATER) carved from the mountains with flat, equal and well-balanced proportions. Amazed Originally assumed by the Batonian people. Later, during the Roman rule Has been extended and built with 32 rows of seating, with an audience of approximately 3,000 people / freedom to walk and take pictures in Petra
    Lunch is served at a local restaurant.
    Led the group back to Amman Take you to see the capital city of Amman, the capital city that is located on the 7 mountains and has a history of more than 6,000 years. Through the old town, new town, business district, market, city center, rich people, etc. Take a look at the citadel of Amman (CITDAEL ) Was built as a landmark for various political houses around the city. Please freely take photos at the most beautiful view point of this city. With the backdrop as the largest Roman theater in Jordan Can hold up to 6,000 people and the buildings on the high mountains Very strange See the Hercules Cathedral Which is presumed to have been built between 161–180 AD during the Roman period Built around 720 B.E. by Muslim leaders of the royal family during the Muslim period came to rule Jordan. In which the office consists of a working room, a living room, etc. through the palace of the King Abdullah II (RAGHADAN PALACE), located on the mountain there. The most beautiful location in Amman And there are soldiers strict monitoring Shopping at the local market or mall And in order not to disturb your valuable shopping time Free dinner at your leisure. It's time to go to the airport to fly back to Bangkok.
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport
    01.15 hrs. Departure to Thailand by ROYAL JORDANNIAN, flight RJ182.
    14.25 hrs. Travel back to Suvarnabhumi Airport. With welfare and an unforgettable impression
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  • The cost of all meals specified in the list

  • Admission ticket to all locations and shows listed

  • Horse riding fee in Petra

  • Visa fee for Jordan (No visa fee In the case of traveling as a group)

  • Tour guide service fee by the local guide and experienced tour leader

  • 1 transport luggage per person (not over 20 kg)

  • Travel accident insurance in the amount of 1,000,000 baht and medical expenses 500,000 baht (Note that accident insurance for children under 2 years and adults over 70 years of age, the insurance company will compensate Claims only half of the contract)

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  • Food and beverage fees, special order Apart from the list

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