Japan Nagoya Go To Universal 6 Days 4 Nights TATJP6840

Japan Nagoya Go To Universal 6 Days 4 Nights TATJP6840

Приключение Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Обеденный Free Day Full Day Museum
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Japan Nagoya Go To Universal 6 Days 4 Nights TATJP6840

 Нагоя, Япония
Авиалиниятайский дыхательные пути Международный
Период перемещения :
19 Май 2022 в 24 Май 2022
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USD 1,608
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Дата Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Отели
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) - Nagoya (Chubu Centrair Airport) [TG644 00.05 - 08.00 + 1] -
Chubu Centrair Airport (Nagoya) - Nagoya City - Shirakawago World Heritage Village - Takayama - Old Takayama District Office - Little Kyoto - Soaking in onsen MATSUMOTO HOTEL Relaxing with natural Japanese mineral water.
Kurobe Dam - Alpine Tateyama Line - Snow Wall GIFU HOTEL or similar.
Kyoto - Fushimi Inari Shrine - Arashiyama Bamboo Forest - Osaka - Dotonbori Shopping - Shinsaibashi Shopping OSAKA HOTEL or a similar hotel.
Independent travel in various locations In Osaka or buy an extra tour of UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN OSAKA HOTEL or a similar hotel.
Osaka Castle (outside) - Aeon Mall - Osaka (Kansai Airport) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (TG673 17.35 - 21.25) -
Программа Тура
  • Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) - Nagoya (Chubu Centrair Airport) [TG644 00.05 - 08.00 + 1]

    21.00 hrs. Together at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Gate 2, Counter C, Thai Airways. Staff are welcoming and facilitating documents and luggage.

  • Chubu Centrair Airport (Nagoya) - Nagoya City - Shirakawago World Heritage Village - Takayama - Old Takayama District Office - Little Kyoto - Soaking in onsen
    00.05 hrs. Depart to Chubu Centrair airport Japan By Thai Airways Flight TG644
    (The airline offers food and beverage onboard)
    08.00 Arrive at Chubu Centrair Airport. Japan (Local time is 2 hours ahead of Thailand time.)
    Passed the immigration and customs clearance procedures and received the bag successfully. [Very important !! Not allowed to bring fresh food such as meat, vegetables, and fruits into Japan if violated, can be punished with fine]
    Nagoya is a city with a long history. Is the largest city in the Chubu region in the middle of Japan. There are many tourist attractions. Including historical sights And natural attractions
    Shirakawago World Heritage Village It is a village that still preserves authentic Japanese style houses and was chosen by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in December 1995. The structure of the house can handle heavy snow during the winter and the shape of the roof. Like two hands of God Therefore calling this style village "Gasso" will have a length of about 18 meters, width of 10 meters.
    Lunch, lunch at the restaurant
    Takayama city Take you to see the outside of Takayama Jinya or the Takayama Old Town Office. Which is the Governor of Takayama City It is the office and residence of the governor of Hida Prefecture for over 176 years under the rule of the Shogunate of the Kagawa family during the Edo period. Edo for over 300 years as well. The city is surrounded by moats and 3 small streets that have a long history. During the period when there is no snow, stores will open to buy local products, souvenirs as well as famous sake. People who live around here Modifying the house into a traditional shop for tourists And there are also selling a variety of local products such as washi of
    Doll Bowl Souvenir
    Dinner. Dinner at the hotel restaurant.
    The accommodation takes you to your accommodation. Or equivalent to MATSUMOTO HOTEL
    Relaxing with natural Japanese mineral water.
  • Kurobe Dam - Alpine Tateyama Line - Snow Wall
    Morning Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    The Alpine Tateyama-Kurobe Line, which is part of the Japan Alps Kurobe Dam Which is the largest giant dam in Japan There will be a rainbow across the year. Surrounded by hundreds of mountains and a view of the Snow Mountain enclave, with a height of 186 meters and a width of 492 meters, which takes approximately 45 years from the pioneer to complete. Only the dam took 4 years to build by Will take a 800-foot walk to cross the dam
    Snow Wall "Yukino Otani" higher than 10 meters (after opening the route from April to May. Is the largest snow wall After June Snow walls will gradually reduce altitude), then take you to ride a cable car through the mountain from Kurobe Station. To Kurobe-daira Station, a distance of about 800 meters, the only cable car in Japan that runs through the mountains from the beginning to the end of the route
    Cable car without central posts throughout the range of 1,710 meters to Daikan Station Take you through a tunnel that runs beneath the 3.6-kilometer-long Tateyama mountain, which is the tallest tunnel in Japan. To Muroro Station
    Lunch, lunch at the restaurant
    Mount Tateyama is 3,015 meters high, which is the second highest after Mount Fuji. And is also one of the three sacred mountains according to the beliefs of Japanese people since ancient times. For you to capture the impressive scenery from the top of Tateyama Mountain Which on a clear day you can see as far as Mount Fuji
    Bjodaira Station By air-conditioned vehicle On the way, you can enjoy the view of the Japanese Alps. For you to reap the impression as you please Take a cable car through the mountains to Tateyama Station The distance is approximately 1.3 km.
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    The property takes you to enter GIFU HOTEL or similar.
  • Kyoto - Fushimi Inari Shrine - Arashiyama Bamboo Forest - Osaka - Dotonbori Shopping - Shinsaibashi Shopping
    Morning Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Kyoto, the former capital city and residence of the Emperor of Japan between the years 794 - 1868 and today is the seventh largest city in the country, with a population of about 1.4 million people, the state is still preserved. In the past as much as possible
    Fushimi Inari Shrine, also known as Sao Daeng Shrine Fox shrine Is a Shinto shrine Created in dedication to the god Inari. The god of cultivation It was built in the year 711 AD, located in the south of Kyoto. Inari area This is one of the popular tourist spots of Kyoto. With the identity of a shrine with thousands of red torii pillars In which many Torii poles Comes from the donations of those who believe The donor will be inscribed with the name on the back of the pole, with 1 pillar worth 300,000 - 1,000,000 yen.
    Lunch, lunch at the restaurant
    Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Located at Arashiyama in Kyoto Which is one of the most famous natural attractions in Japan And there are a lot of tourists visiting this place Due to the shady and peaceful atmosphere Suitable for photography and nature walks This bamboo forest is unique. This bamboo forest will have a small path surrounded by the most bamboo forest. There will also be a souvenir shop that focuses on products made from bamboo trees and local products, whether Bamboo baskets, cups, boxes, or shirts made of bamboo weave Can also be brought back to relatives as well
    Osaka is the city with the 2nd largest economy and the third largest population in Japan.
    Shopping in Dotonbori area One of Osaka's famous nightlife Is a collection of many restaurants that are open 24 hours. This road will be along the side of the Dotonbori Canal. And also have stores And many other entertainment spots At night, lights will be decorated on various shop signs, including the Glico runner sign. And crab Kanidoraku That is a symbol of Osaka city
    Shinsaibashi shopping With a total distance of 600 meters. If including other stores The head and the end will become a retail district that is approximately 2 kilometers long. Whether the pharmacy Cosmetics shop, duty free shop (100 yen)
    Independent dinner, free time for dinner at Shinsaibashi shopping area
    The property takes you to enter OSAKA HOTEL or a similar hotel.
  • Independent travel in various locations In Osaka or buy an extra tour of UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN
    Morning Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Allowing you to choose freely to travel to various places in Osaka, with a guide to advise you on how to travel such as Shinsaibashi area. Loaded with a variety of stores and famous brands, mixed with traditional Japanese stores including Apple Store, Dior, Chanel, Gucci, H&M, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and others. All brands are known all over the world. In addition, there are food and drink products or cute dolls. Also available for purchase And in addition to modern stores from various brands And at Shinsaibashi, there is also a Shopping Arcade that takes a small shop Gathered under one roof, with a length of about 600 meters, there are many products to choose from such as traditional kimonos, jewelery, jewelry and bookstores. Is the location of famous department stores and many shops for you to enjoy your shopping And there are still many important tourist attractions such as
    Shitennoji Temple Kaiyukang Aquarium Heian Shrine
    Tempozan Ferris Wheel Anime Rikamura Legoland
    Kobe Harborland Tetsu-Jin robot Osaka Science Museum
    Or choose to purchase an additional tour of Universal Studios for a full day, adding 2,700 baht per adult / 2,000 baht per child, not including the train fare. [Price subject to change] Those who purchase additional tours take you to Universal Studios. Join in the fun with various attractions. Many kinds of excitement Thrilling from your favorite movie, such as the fire scene from "Back Draft" Cruise with Dinosaur Adventure from "Jurassic Park", ride the boat to meet the horrors like being In the real event with "Jaws", use a huge investment of more than 1,500 million yen (Jaws only) and enjoy the new part of the toy of "Spider-Man" is waiting for you to prove the fun. As well as meet with the new zone "Wonder Land" is a Zone-style theme park, families can enjoy a cartoon cute as Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Sesame Street Zone The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was created to appease the followers of Harry Potter. Router Allowing you to experience the atmosphere of the magic world in various scenes from the movie The FLYING DINOSAUR zone. Open a new experience. With the latest player That will allow you to fly in the Jurassic Park zone is another one in the most thrilling rides. And can rotate in 360 directions at a distance of 1,124 meters and a drop point of up to 37.8 meters. MINION PARK is the latest zone to create a sensation of the famous yellow person known for Depicable Me. The highlight of This zone is Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. Souvenir shops, restaurants, various shows, as well as many 3-D players, plus the "Minion Park" zone is the largest. For those who like Detective Conan, the popularity has been well received. Universal Japan must bring back again. There will be puzzles for the Real Escape Game, followed by Entertainment Restaurant, a ready-to-eat restaurant and Play Rally. You will fully immerse yourself in the world of Conan-kun.
    For your full enjoyment, lunch and dinner are not available.  
    The property takes you to enter OSAKA HOTEL or a similar hotel.
  • Osaka Castle (outside) - Aeon Mall - Osaka (Kansai Airport) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (TG673 17.35 - 21.25)
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Osaka Castle (outside) which can be considered a symbol of the city Experience the grandeur of the era when the Shogun Toyotomi ruled and ordered the construction of this castle, which is considered Osaka's number one landmark.
    Shopping at Aeon mall, where you can buy a variety of souvenirs such as mochi bento, seasonal fruits And the most special shop is 100 yen. Everything in the shop is only 100 yen.
    Free lunch, free lunch at Aeon Mall
    Travel time is appropriate, bringing you to the Osaka airport.
    17.35 hrs. Departure to Bangkok by Thai Airways Flight TG673
    The airline offers food and beverages onboard.
    21.25 hrs. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok with safety and impressions.
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  • Meal fees as specified in the list

  • Service guide fee throughout the journey

  • Travel accident insurance in the amount of 1,000,000 baht per person (conditions under the policy)

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  • Thai passport fees And various foreign documents (The Japanese government has announced a visa cancellation for Thai people. People who wish to stay for a short period in Japan within not more than 15 days. If the Japanese government announced to return to use the visa. Travelers will have to pay the additional cost of the visa as Embassy designated)

  • Other expenses Other than specified, such as food-beverages In addition to laundry, telephone, mini bar in the room and transportation. Not listed Including fees in the case of luggage that is overweight specified by the airline or luggage that is larger than the standard size

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