Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Noboribetsu 5 Days 3 Nights TATJP6869

Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Noboribetsu 5 Days 3 Nights TATJP6869

Приключение Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Обеденный Free Day National Park Full Day Museum
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Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Noboribetsu 5 Days 3 Nights TATJP6869

 Хоккайдо, Япония
АвиалинияAirAsia X
Период перемещения :
29 Октябрь 2022 в 02 Ноябрь 2022
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USD 963
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Дата Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Отели
Bangkok - Don Mueang Airport -
Hokkaido - Otaru - Otaru Canal - Music Box Museum - Glass Museum - Sakaimachi Road - Former Hokkaido Government House - Sapporo Clock Tower - Duty Free - Original Pork Shabu Buffet + Crab Legs THE B HOTEL SAPPORO or same level
Noboribetsu - Jigokudani Hell Valley - Ride Usuzan Volcano - Showa Shinzan Bear Park - Tanuki Koji Shopping THE B HOTEL SAPPORO or same level
Watch the autumn leaves at Hiraoka Park - Sapporo Fish Market - Moai Park - Big Buddha Atama Daibutsu Mitsui Outlet THE B HOTEL SAPPORO or same level
Chitose Airport - Bangkok -
Программа Тура
  • Bangkok - Don Mueang Airport
    20.30 hrs. At the Don Mueang International Airport, 3rd floor, International Passenger Terminal Air Asia X counter, staff of the company Waiting to welcome And facilitating check-in
    23.55 hrs. Travel to Chitose Airport, Hokkaido Island, Japan. With a flight on XJ620 serving food and beverages onboard
  • Hokkaido - Otaru - Otaru Canal - Music Box Museum - Glass Museum - Sakaimachi Road - Former Hokkaido Government House - Sapporo Clock Tower - Duty Free - Original Pork Shabu Buffet + Crab Legs
    08.25 hrs. Arrive at Chitose Airport, Hokkaido Island, Japan After passing the immigration procedure of Japan Take you to Otaru, a port city with a romantic atmosphere. Including the decorations of the houses Most of them have been designed in the Western style because in the past Otaru has been influenced by trade between Japan and European countries. Free for you to walk and admire the beauty of the impressive Otaru canal. Otaru Canal is a canal formed by the reclamation of the sea. Completed in 1923 as a shipping route from large ships to warehouses in the city. After discontinuing use, half of the canal was filled as a road for tourists instead of warehouses. Which is a red brick building, therefore became a symbol of the city And renovated into a restaurant Souvenir shop itself.
    Lunch is served at the restaurant.
    Afternoon take you to see the music box museum. Otaru Music Box Museum is !!! Highlights One of the largest stores of music box museums in Japan In which the building is beautiful and ancient And is considered one of the important historical sites in the city
    In addition, the front of the museum has "Antique steam watches" in English style, only the remaining 2 houses on earth only This is a souvenir that is given to the city of Vancouver. Otaru This watch will spit out the steam and make music sound every 15 minutes, like another steam watch in Canada. If coming to Hokkaido and don't come to see Must go to see in Canada
    Free for you to choose to buy Browse many products. And Sakai Machi Road The right hand side is striking with the cuteness of the kitty cat. The challenge is waiting for everyone to visit. How can it be passed? Let's stop and see. When entering the shop, everyone can choose the glass as the pattern you like. The back of the glass is screened with the word otaru attached. There are many different types of glasses to choose from. The price will vary. After purchasing a glass with a beverage, you can also add another drink for free. The drink has been selected. You can choose your seat at the second floor. Or if anyone doesn't want to sit on the first floor, there will be a souvenir area Or to have fun with the Gacha-Pong machine to try to find souvenirs for those you love, but it's convenient.
    Quickly leaving the Cafe Kitty store. Will find the next store called Hokkaido. Do not miss the LETAO together. It's a fee to sit and can order. Which may have to wait a bit for some days Is forbidden Do not miss to taste And don't miss to take it back as a souvenir for your beloved person. LETAO is definitely worth cheesecake. Touching the tongue with a soft, sweet aroma, providing a sweet taste. Taste while sipping tea and watching the romantic atmosphere. Nothing can be more than this.
    Let's come to the shop to recommend the last shop. This shop is Snoopy Cafe. Which the highlight of this shop is ice cream Which has many flavors to choose from Is a soft, creamy texture The shop is divided into two floors. Which the second floor is the restaurant zone The decor of the shop is definitely not going to be decorated with Snoopy. In addition to food, dessert, drinks, The shop also sells snoopy memorabilia to please snoopy lovers. There are many buying options for you.
    Then take you to see the outside of Former Hokkaido Government House Construction started in 1873. It is a Neo-Baroque American style building that uses more than 2.5 million bricks. The bricks are made from the villages of Siroishi and Toyoshira. This building has been used. For more than 80 years, but the beauty that has been restored after the fire in 1911, but with the beauty of the architecture that remains few places Therefore, it was registered as an important cultural property of the nation in 1977. 1969
    Bring you to see the Sapporo Clock Tower. It is an old clock tower and is another important symbol of Sapporo city. It was built in 1878. It was originally a Hokkaido University internship, but it was changed to a clock tower and it has a bell. From 2424 until now, it can still tell the time. And due to the ancient existence that has been with the city of Sapporo for a long time, it has been registered To be another important cultural heritage of Japan
    From then, bring you Shopping for cosmetics, food supplements, good quality jewelry at duty-free shops. DUTY FREE. You can shop at your leisure. There are many products to choose from, including famous cosmetics brands Both foreign and famous Japanese brands Or whether it is a good quality food supplement, which cannot be purchased from anywhere Aside from duty-free shops only Free for you to buy at your own discretion
    Dinner. Dinner at a special restaurant !! Serve you with menus Original Pork Shabu Buffet + Crab Legs
    Stay at THE B HOTEL SAPPORO or same level
  • Noboribetsu - Jigokudani Hell Valley - Ride Usuzan Volcano - Showa Shinzan Bear Park - Tanuki Koji Shopping
    Morning Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Then take you on a journey to Noboribetsu, "one of Japan's famous resort cities Famous for onsen It is a city that is perfect for an overnight stay and an onsen. Take a look at Jigokudani or the Hell Valley. This area consists of natural hot springs and mud boils. From a volcanic eruption a thousand years ago Make it look like a copper pan. There will be smoke all the time from under the earth, making people call it the Hell Valley, and also the source of the Noboribetsu's health and skin onsen. Which has the most famous name on Hokkaido
    Lunch is served at the restaurant.
    Afternoon after that, bring everyone Take the cable car to Usuzan, a volcano that created Lake Toya. From the evidence that This volcano erupted every 20-50 years, therefore resulting in constant changes in the landscape of this area. The most recent eruption was in 2000 on the top of the mountain, the crater is still smoldering with white smoke rising all the time. (Depending on the weather) This Usu volcano is 737 meters high. When you climb the cable car to the top, you can see the view of Mount Usama, Okariyakako, Usu and Kinumakakako, all of which are caused by eruption of mountain
    From then, leading you to Showa Shin-san Bear Park Located near the Usu Volcano Cable Car Station Which is a breeding place for brown bears Allow you to freely walk around in the bear park to see the cuteness, cleverness of 100 brown bears that are endangered and hard to find. In Japan, this can be found only on Hokkaido. Ainu people believe that this brown bear is also their god's animal. For those who want to watch closely, can see through clear glass. If still not satisfied, can also walk to the special event room zone which is called "human cage". You will see brown bears passing by. Can hear the sound and smell of the polar bears, ventilate a little As though he were near a melee bear There is a special place where you can feed these bears with bread and apples, which are sold at the entrance and inside.
    Then take you shopping at Tanuki Koji, an arcade shopping street on a thatched roof, covered with sun and rain, with 7 blocks in length. The street is lined with more than 200 shops. Susukin There are BIG CAMERA stores selling digital cameras, electronics and electronics, 100 yen stores, UNIQLO stores selling teen fashion clothes, MATSUMOTO KIYOSHI stores selling drugs and cosmetics so as not to interfere with your shopping. Independent dinner at your own pace 
    Evening to not disturb your time Independent dinner at your leisure
    Hotel accommodation at THE B HOTEL SAPPORO or same level
  • Watch the autumn leaves at Hiraoka Park - Sapporo Fish Market - Moai Park - Big Buddha Atama Daibutsu Mitsui Outlet
    Morning Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    From then, bring you Watch the leaves change color at Hiraoka Gardens, a botanical garden in Sapporo There are more than 800 maple trees and is known for their 150 meter length tunnels. The normal leaves are already red. The Nomura Momichi varieties are already red. When it is red leaves, will Reduces redness by 3 times. Free for you to walk. And capture impressive images as you like
    Note: In the case of leaves changing color, the ginkgo tree has expired during the season. The company reserves the right Take you to Hokkaido Shrine Hokkaido Island Shrine Shinto religion Created since 1871, originally this shrine was named the Sapporo Shrine And the Hokkaido people give a lot of devotion Because it is believed to be the residence of the god Johohira Guarding the island of Hokkaido and protecting the citizens of the island since the pioneer era of this land Therefore, local people like to worship endlessly. To be a morale
    From then, leading you to Sapporo Jokai Market Consisting of stores And over 80 restaurants lined up throughout the block outside the Sapporo wholesale market It is one of the largest markets in the city. Various stores sell mostly seafood such as crab, sea urchins, fish eggs, salmon, squid and scallops. Other local produce such as corn, watermelon and seasonal potatoes. Local food that is famous is Fresh seafood is served with rice called donburi.
    Free lunch, free lunch
    Reputed fish market Not only have fresh fish In addition to the fresh fish, Taraba crab, hairy crabs, crab and seafood variety. And also have seasonal fruits as well There is also a restaurant at the fish market for you to choose from at your leisure. The recommended food is sashimi on rice bowl. Until grilled fish Which has many interesting menus, attractive prices, and reasonable prices
    Afternoon, then take you to see Moai Park designed by the famous architect Tadao anda. Construction since 1982. Culture-like ideas from Moai and Egypt. Designed the shape to be in the mountains of lavender The Buddha image is a structural concept from the sort of spirit. The Lord Buddha is called Atama Daibutsu. The official opening was on 17 July 2016.
    Moai National Park covers an area of ​​540,000 square meters. There are 40,000 groups of relics and can support 70,000 groups (Japanese people do not have burials, use cremation and will buy the land "keep" relics "keep the whole family including). Japanese Is a name that people call It is one of the largest tombs in Hokkaido.
    From then, bring you Shopping at MITSUI OUTLET, a modern fashion center, home to famous brand name products from around the world, consisting of 128 famous brands such as Coach Armani, Ralph Lauren, Seigo, complete with products for Everyone, from fashion goods to women, men and children to sports equipment. And general products In addition, inside the mall There is also a large food court with a capacity of 650 seats and the Hokkaido Roko Farm Bridge, which is an area where local products and fresh farm products are sold. 
    To not disturb your shopping time. Independent dinner at your own pace  
    Stay at THE B HOTEL SAPPORO or same level
  • Chitose Airport - Bangkok
    Morning Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant. Take everyone to travel to Chitose Airport To prepare to travel back to Thailand
    09.40 hrs. Bring everyone back to Thailand. By Thai Air Asia X Flight XJ 621
    15.25 hrs. Arrive at Don Mueang Airport safely. With the impression 
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