Morocco Chefchaouen 9 Days 7 Nights TATMA6586

Morocco Chefchaouen 9 Days 7 Nights TATMA6586

Приключение Семейная Забава История и Культура Роман Шоппинг Обеденный Религия и Дух Full Day 4 Stars Hotel
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Morocco Chefchaouen 9 Days 7 Nights TATMA6586

 Rabat Sale Zemmour Zaer, Марокко
АвиалинияОман Воздух
Период перемещения :
11 Апр 2022 в 19 Апр 2022
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USD 1,890
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Дата Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Отели
Suvarnabhumi - Oman Airport MCT - Muscat MCT - CMN Casablanca KENZI BASMA HOTEL or equivalent.
Casablanca CMN - Rabat RABAT - TANGER Tangier BARCELO HOTEL accommodation or equivalent.
TANGER Tangier - Chef Saul CHEFCHAOUEN - FES Phase VOLUBULIS HOTEL or equivalent.
FES L Occale Hotel accommodation or similar.
MCT Muscat -
Программа Тура
  • Suvarnabhumi - Oman Airport MCT - Muscat MCT - CMN Casablanca
    6:00 am at the group at Suvarnabhumi Airport In front of OMAN AIR, Counter Level 4, Q Line, with staff and tour guides of the company to welcome
    09.15 hrs. Depart to Muscat MCT by OMAN AIR. Flight WY818 (onboard food and beverage). Seat 3-3-3
    12.35 hrs. Arrive at Oman International Airport (MCT Muscat) (Travel time is 6 hours 20 minutes). Time when Muscat is 3 hours slower than Thailand to stop to transfer.
    13.35 hrs. Departure to CMN Airport, Muhammad Fifth International (Casablanca), Morocco by OMAN AIR, flight WY171 (journey takes 8 hours 50 minutes)
    19.50 hrs. Arrive at CMN Airport, Muhammad Fifth International (Casablanca) (local time here is 7 hours slower than Thailand). Leading you through immigration and baggage handling.
    Bring you to the accommodation. 4-star KENZI BASMA HOTEL or equivalent.
  • Casablanca CMN - Rabat RABAT - TANGER Tangier
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Departure to RABAT (takes about 1 hour 15 minutes), the capital of the Kingdom of the Kingdom since 1956 and is the site of the Royal Palace. And the ambassador's palace from abroad It is a clean and beautiful white city. After that, see the Royal Mosque and the Royal Palace. That every Friday noon The King of Morocco took a horse from the palace to the mosque for religious purposes. Take you to see the tomb of King Mohammed V (), the Lord Buddha of the current king. With a guard standing guard over every door And open to people of all nations and religions to pay respect to the dead bodies buried below Front of the cemetery Is the Hassan Mosque that was built since the 2nd century but was unsuccessful and destroyed, leaving only 365 pillars in the 183 x139 meters wide area. Take you to see the Hassan Tower, part of the Hassan Mosque. Sun Which is planned to be the 2nd largest mosque in the world, able to hold 40,000 people at the same time (but still not finished) at the same time, bringing you to see the bright red fortification of Udaya. Oudaya Kasbah, a large, 2-story fort located on the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by large and tall walls The inside is Medina. Houses painted with blue. That is clean, pleasant to walk Like the art on the wall
    Lunch at the restaurant.
    Take you to travel to The city of Tangier (TANGIER) (takes about 2 hours 50 minutes) is a coastal town. And is an important port Located in the north of Morocco And south of the Tangier Strait of Gibraltar. This port has become another important tourist destination of Morocco.
    From then, bring you to visit If HERCULES CAVES, another important tourist destination in Tangier It is known as the Door of Africa. You can see the caves, especially the cave gates that look out to the sea. Which the cave door will look like Hercules
    With the story that Hercules Used to live in this cave for 12 missions and was the one who created the Strait of Gibraltar
    Dinner. Dinner at the hotel.
    Bring you into the 4-star BARCELO HOTEL accommodation or equivalent.
  • TANGER Tangier - Chef Saul CHEFCHAOUEN - FES Phase
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Bring everyone to travel to Chef Chaoun (CHEFCHAOUEN)
    Is an ancient city for longer 538 years not to be missed Is a city that is like a scene from a movie, movie or picture in a story This place is a city where people actually live in Morocco. The uniqueness of this city is the quaintness of the brightly colored houses painted in blue and white throughout the city. Which contrasts with the green of the forest because the city is in the RIF MOUNTAIN, which is a picture that invites tourists to be fascinated by the beauty and charm of this city. The friendliness of the people makes Chef Chaun the city of charm that is incomparable. Everyone can walk to see houses throughout the city. Which the architecture of the city is still Moroccan The arched arch can be seen throughout the city. And there are also fountains covered with Moroccan mosaic to be seen in various corners of the Free City for everyone to walk and take pictures of the blue village. Because regardless of the angle taken, it's equally beautiful Explore the alleyways full of souvenir shops, jewelry, carpets, and enjoy local snacks, nuts, and cheeses as souvenirs.
    Lunch at the restaurant.
    Afterwards, he travels to FES, another former capital city with a long history in the 8th century, which is of historical significance. Located between fertile land that runs from the north of the Rif Mountain Range to the Middle Atlas Range, the River Fes flow through the town center of Fes. Is a holy city of Islam, has been called "Makkah of the West" and "Athens of Africa"
    Dinner. Dinner at the hotel.
    Bring you into the 4-star VOLUBULIS HOTEL or equivalent.
  • FES
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to see the city of Fe. Famous tourist city, which in 1981, UNESCO declared the old town of Fes as a historical world heritage site Now the Moroccan government is watching and the town of Fes, especially the old town, which is the center of culture and civilization in the old days of Morocco. Take you to see the viewpoint, when looking down, you will see the whole old town. Followed by watching the royal gate of Fes. The palace has a very beautiful and elegant architecture. Is an identity of the Moroccan dynasty Then bring everyone into the old city. Which resembles you, retro to the atmosphere 1200 years ago Because the city still has a way of life and way of life for many centuries. See the MEDERSA BOU IMANLA, a Bible school. Is a beautiful moorish architecture In the old city, divided into 100 parts with over 10,000 alleyways, with the narrowest alley being 50 cm to 3 meters wide. It is divided into various districts such as brass appliances, copper. There will be a small shop in front of the shop. There are pots, pans, kitchen equipment Beautifully lined carpet sales district Wickerwork area Wood carving And the Spice District (Souk El Attarine). You will experience the whole picture The taste and smell in the spice district are orderly arranged, beautiful products. While walking the path in Medina You will find a natural fountain (Nejjarine Fountain) for Muslims to wash their hands before entering the mosque. In addition, in the nooks of the corner may see images of elderly, bearded, bearded, sitting, carving small pieces of wood along the narrow passageway in the old town. Sometimes we will see women here wearing clothes that cover the head to the feet, only the sharp black eyes. Visit the cemetery of Moulay Idriss Mausolem II, where the Moroccan people are considered sacred pilgrimage sites. Take you to see the Kairaouine Mosque, the first religious university in Morocco. And one of the oldest in the world (Only those who practice religion Islam only)
    Noon. Have lunch at the restaurant.
    After that, you walk around the leather area and stop by. Antique bleaching and dyeing leather That is unique to the town of Fes Is conserved by UNESCO The town's tannery consists of many stone basins arranged in rows. Each pond is filled with dyes and liquid filling all over the pond. As if it were a large color palette These leather are derived from cows, sheep, goats and camels, and transformed into high-quality leather, such as bags, clothes, shoes, without machinery. It is a wisdom that has existed since the Middle Ages. Independent shopping for many local products The city of Fez is therefore a place that should not be missed when visiting.
    Dinner. Dinner at the hotel.
    Bring you into the 4-star L'Occale Hotel accommodation or similar.
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to see the BAB MANSOUR MONUMENTAL. There are 7 gates of the city that are known as the most beautiful. Decorated with mosaics and green tiles on the wall showing hundreds of thousands of pieces Making this door unique and unbeatable beautiful Bring everyone to travel To the city of Friendship (Takes about 1 hour 30 minutes), the city that the French who used to rule And like to create a resort in this area Located at an elevation of about 1,650 meters above sea level Most of the houses here are red brick roofs. With beautiful flowers and a beautiful lake Is a place to rest both winter and summer This route passes the Atlas Mountains. The Atlas Mountains are mountains in the northwest and north of Africa. Across the southwest coast of Morocco at the Gulf of Agadir on the Atlantic coast Up to the northeast coast of Tunisia The total length of the mountains is about 2,500 kilometers. The landscape is lush with forests. Both sides of the road have changed from being dry to bush forest and alternating with the drought of the mountains, suitable as a town to relax until receiving the nickname (Geneva of Morocco). MIDLET is a city located at an altitude of 1,508 meters (4,948 feet), a small town. Located in the middle of the Atlas Valley The city is a commercial center. Mining, weaving, weaving, carpeting and embroidery of Morocco
    Noon. Have lunch at the restaurant.
    Take you into the desert path through the DADES GORGE valley. The mountains and the nature of the valley were eroded by the force of the wind. Causing the valley to become various shapes With a destination Erfoud, an OASIS oasis, the commercial center of the caravan Traveled from Saudi Arabia, SAUDI ARABIA and Sudan, SUDAN and traveled to Merzukar. Go to see the Sahara Desert "SAHARA" is the largest desert in Africa in the world. Which covers an area of ​​over 9 million square kilometers, or about one third of Africa Traverses the edge of the desert to the Sahara See the great views of the rocky mountains that are full of fossilized shells and ancient jellyfish in the past 350 million years ago, which this land had been under the sea before. Therefore being the origin of various fossils
    Dinner. Dinner at the hotel.
    Free you to relax, watch the stars in the desert at your leisure.
    Bring you to the LES PORTES DEDESERT HOTEL. 4-star or equivalent.
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Before the sun led him to ride a camel Watch the sunrise in the Sahara desert. For everyone to enjoy the image of the big sun Gradually rising from the dunes in the morning Gold shining Awaken all life from sleep It is a picture of an impression that everyone will remember forever.
    Out of the desert TINGHIR OASIS Which is a community that coalesce together In the midst of drought in the desert That is still moist, with buds or streams that are used to grow palms, almonds, take you on a trip to Tod George Gorge. See the beauty of the gorge hiding in the oasis. The stream that flows through the gorge and the strange steep cliffs. Is a rock climbing place for all risk takers Through the Dades Valley, D AND VALLEY AND GORGE. The mountains and nature of the ravaged valley From the strong wind that made the valley into various shapes, beautiful through the Rose Valley Which the rose festival will take place in May With shade of palm trees in this oasis Making it a little paradise for deserters since ancient times
    Noon. Have lunch at the restaurant.
    He then traveled along Kashbah Road, with hundreds of forts lined up.
    OUARZAZATE, which used to be a strategic location in 1928, France established a military force and developed it as an administrative center. Presently, Wauseth is a city promoted as a tourist destination. And the development of the desert area for activities that are surrounded by film studios such as CLEO PATTRA, THE MUMMY, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and many more that often use the city of This is the scene for filming in movies. This is because the topography is still unique as Berber tribes. Which is the original tribe of the Moroccan people Versaette can be said to be the aim of tourists looking for differences. And adventures that cannot be found anywhere else Wauseth is the most important city in the south. And this is also a connection between north and south And east and west
    Dinner. Dinner at the hotel.
    Bring you to the 4 star LE ZAT HOTEL or equivalent.
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Travel to AIT BENHADDOU to see the city of Ait Benhadu, a city of buildings built from clay.It is famous for earning money from more than 20 film sets by The only beautiful and largest clay fort in southern Morocco is KASBASH OF AIT BEB HADOU. It is a fortress surrounded by almond gardens. It is the castle that was used to shoot many famous movies such as Lawrance of Arabia, Jesus of Nazareth and Gladiator. Currently under the supervision of UNESCO.
    Noon, have lunch at a restaurant, then travel to the city of MARAKESH, the city of the Sahara desert. The world's second largest desert in Africa And is the hottest desert in the world as well Which is an important tourist city located at the foot of the Atlas In the past, this oasis was the home of a camel caravan from the south of Morocco. Regarded as the junction town of various merchants It is also a former capital during the Al Moravid dynasty during the 11th century. It is currently the most visited city. The state that we can see is On both sides of the road surrounded by houses that are plastered with orange. Which is what the government stipulates But the locals call it PINK CITY or Pink City. It can be said that Marrakech is one of the most charming cities in the world. So it was called A CITY OF DRAMA. That is as beautiful as the city in a drama that is not real life. Bring you to see MAJORELLE GARDEN or JARDIN MAJORELLE & MUSEUM OF ISLAMICART. It is said to be a little paradise. Marrakech This garden is a collection of plants from around the world. Especially the thousands of cactus There are many species of lotus gardens and forests that don't look shady. With the clay pots that the original artist, Jacques Majorelle, who is recruiting Sima, painted over the top The decorations make this garden look unbelievably remarkable. This garden was originally the home of a French artist. He built his own house and garden. Ready to create his art. Later, this place was used as a museum. Collecting the art of Morocco And there is a corner displaying artwork of the previous owner. Bring everyone to see the large city square (DJEMAA FNAA SQUARE) Surrounded by buildings, shops, markets on all 4 sides, stroll, take pictures of the lively, colorful and authentic Moroccan vibe. Along with shopping for souvenirs Local souvenirs Surrounded by buildings, shops, markets on all 4 sides
    Dinner. Dinner at the hotel.
    Bring you to the 4-star MOROCCAN HOUSE HOTEL or equivalent.
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    See the KOUTOUBIA MOSQUE Mosque, the oldest mosque in the city.No matter where you walk to the city, you'll see this mosque. From the palace that is 226 feet (70 meters) tall, no matter where in Marrakech We will see this mosque. Free the way to capture the city of Marrakech. The city is renowned for its charm and attracts the world's top tourists. From then, he travels to the old town. Also known as Medina, which has a city wall surrounded Take a look at the SAADLAN TOMBS, which has been abandoned more than 2 centuries after it was restored. And open to see the beauty of the typical art style Authentic MOORISH, the magnificence of the interior hall Beautiful marble columns Decorative plasterwork pattern on the wall and ceiling Beautiful garden, newly built by him, follow the Allah's Paradise, then take a look at the Bahia Palace. The palace of the governor of Pasha, who replaced the era of the king in the past. Built in the late 19th century, which was intended to be the greatest and most luxurious palace of that time The interior is decorated with carved stucco and painted patterns on wood and decorated with beautiful delicate patterns.
    Noon, have lunch at a Thai restaurant at PETIT THAI.
    Traveled into Casablanca City The main port and largest city of Morocco, Casablanca has the Spanish meaning "white house". Today, this city is the economic and industrial center of the country. Bring everyone to visit Take pictures outside Mosque of King Hassan II, religious architecture Is a greatness and pride of the Moroccan people Largest 13 of world class mosques This mosque was designed by French architect Michel Pangso but is a Moroccan art. That uses modern technology combined with The building can hold up to 25,000 people and has a tower up to 120 meters. The purpose of this mosque is On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of King Hassan II of Morocco. It is also an important place to welcome guests, guest houses When the heads of countries visit Often come to visit
    Then take you to CMN Airport, Muhammad Fifth International (Casablanca).
    Morocco In order to check in luggage Travel back to Thailand
    9:00 pm, depart by OMAN AIR, flight WY172
  • MCT Muscat
    07.25 hrs. Arrive at Oman International Airport (Muscat MCT) to transfer
    09.00 hrs. Departure back to Suvarnabhumi Airport by OMAN AIR flight WY815.
    17.45 hrs. Arrive back to Suvarnabhumi Airport With good image and impression Unforgettable
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