Sagarada Familia with a Free Walking Tour (Sagarada Familia with a Free Walking Tour) Барселона Испания

Sagarada Familia with a Free Walking Tour

 Барселона, Испания

Explore the wonder of Barcelona with these skip the line Sagrada Familia tickets. Bypass the notorious ticket queue and head straight to the inner sanctum of this magnificent basilica. Why You Shouldn't Miss This The Sagrada Familia needs no introduction. An iconic monument in Barcelona that has been under construction since 1882, this UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts more visitors every year than any other landmark in Spain. The Sagrada Familia’s silhouette is often considered to be an unofficial emblem of Barcelona. Once completed, The Sagrada Familia will be the tallest structure in the Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia was designed by Antoni Gaudi and long after his death, the construction of the basilica has progressed based on his design and plaster models. Unlike anything the world had ever seen, Gaudi designed the Sagrada Familia with an intense flair of Art Nouveau and Catalan Noucentisme, surpassing his other works such as the Casa Batllo and the Park Guell. Gaudi’s use of curved lines, hyperboloids and helicoids are symbolic of his influence from nature and its forms. On your visit to the Sagrada Familia, you will be transported to a different world. The magic of natural light falling on the basilica’s features and filtering through its beautiful stained glasses will give you an experience unlike any other. Your Experience Our skip the line Sagrada Familia tickets provide you with priority access to this iconic basilica. Once you book your tickets, you will receive them via email which you can then display on your phone to gain priority access to the Sagrada Familia. Before you head into the inner sanctum of the church, make sure to explore the outer walls and facades of the Sagrada Familia. Two of the three facades, Nativity and Passion, have been completed while the third, Glory Facade, is under construction. The Nativity facade tells the story of the birth of Jesus Christ while the Passion Facade is dedicated to his death. As you look at the symbolisms and sculptures on these two facades, you will easily be able to see the differences between the two facades and understand the meaning that Gaudi wanted the facades to symbolise. As you move inside, you will come face to face with one of the most enchanting interiors of any church. The vaults of the church are as high as 70 metres in certain places. What will surely catch your attention are the beautiful stained glass windows that have been constructed as per Gaudi’s plans. For tips on how to experience the Sagrada Familia in its fullest, refer to our Sagrada Familia tours and tickets collection page.